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This is the story of how we got our two baby dragons. It all started when my daughter brought home a beardie the whole family fell in love with him. You know some teens get when they get moody *dont touch him hes my beardie* gah it hurt because everyone loved him and played with him fed him we all pitched in. She even go so moody one day she moved his viv to her room so no one could see or play with him. (girls and pms :roll: )So i made a thread http://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=98235 * I want a BD for myself* i guess there was a few people who were in the same boat as me. Being a BD grandma is tuff! (She of course got over it and moved him back down stairs) I wanted to get one who might need a little more care or love thought first thing *rescue* I was checking cragelist daily not one bd post in the weeks i was looking. Then a breeder(DistDrag) posted on the thread letting me know he had 2 babys just hatched out that had small issues, one with a crooked tail and one with a leg that didnt work. They were the cutest things! I still had to get the ok from my hubby once he seen those pics he was hooked!! So he let me take them both! They were still way to young for me to get yet so we were happy to leave them with the breeder(DistDrag)till they were safe to travel. He kept us posted on how they were doing and posted updated pictures. The day came to where they were ready to be sent to us. Oh boy i was so excited i couldnt sleep and kept a eye out the window for them to get here! :blob8: :blob8: :blob8: :blob8: <-- that was me 10 fold lol I heard the UPS man drive up and i was out the door!
Still in the box!

Comming out of the little box's.

This is the one with the left foot that dosnt work(My hubbys) He/she dosnt have a name yet.

This is the one with the kink in the tail. I call her Roo short for Kangaroo.

Heres a comparison between Chimera and Roo.

They are both from the same clutch they are 1 month 1 week old and 6 1/2 inches long.

We will never let more than 1 of beardies to be out of their viv's at one time. Except for the 2 new babys just for a while so we can sit and watch tv with them to get them used to us. They both have their own vivs. I have to say ty to everyone! I have learned so much since i have joined! I dont think our babys would be as healthy as they are if it wasnt for all of you!

Ill be posting more pictures soon and more tails from their goofy antics lol


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118 grams and 14 inches! Wow, what is his hatch date again?? Him and Chencho are really close!!!! I need to deep clean vivs too...yuck. You made me think about brumation...I need to make sure that my big beardies are ready, I'm soooooo sad!!! At least we both have 1 baby to stay awake with us!!!! WOOOO-HOOOO for pissing off the hubby's!!!!! HA! Have you found that camera cord yet??? :wink:


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Freeie":32vvzdda said:
I was just going over birthdays of my clan to update with and i forgot that today was Chimairas 2nd birthday!!! Happy Birthday Chimaira! Gosh i better go give her extra supers and some canalope with 2 flowers on top. Boy does time fly!

First day comming home with us her first picture at 2 months old.

First trip outside.

I still cant believe she was smaller than our phone :O

Chimaira at 1 yrs old. She was huge! 800 plus grams i believe.(before her diet and exersize program)


Chimaira (last picture we have of her dang missing cord!)She was in shead. 680grams to me she looks skinny in the face.

We posted at the same time!!!!

I can't believe that she was so cute and small then 800 grams!!!!


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Freeie":25t5s5w8 said:
I was just going over birthdays of my clan to update with and i forgot that today was Chimairas 2nd birthday!!! Happy Birthday Chimaira! Gosh i better go give her extra supers and some canalope with 2 flowers on top. Boy does time fly!
No kidding!!!!! :roll:
Happy Birthday Chimaira!!!!!!
Lotsa Birthday Hugs and Bugs and :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: from all of us here!


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Well i didnt get a exact birthday with him like i did everyone else so i estamated he was about 2 months old when we got him going by the other ones. Roo and Lexia at 5 weeks were i think 6 1/2 inches long he was 9 1/2 so i added a month lol Only thing is hes grew 5 inches and doubled his weight since we got him :O So i think hes about 3 months old. Kinno was 14 inches at 3 months. So i gave him a May 29th 2010 birthday it was as close as i could figure. If he keeps this huge growth spurt up hes going to end up like Kinno.


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Happy 2nd Birthday, Chimaira! Hope you got lots of yummies and snuggles from your mommy.

Christy, the last pic of Chimaira is so precious! What a beauty.

beardie osk

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Boy Christy, I've been gone for a month and I can't believe all that I've missed on line............Congrats on your new baby Hadyn, such a handsome little boy, so glad his foot is healing, when you find your camera cord, can you take a pic of his healing foot. I'm glad the treatments are working.


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Sorry for being late.... :(

Happy 2nd Birthday Chimaira!

Blaze has always eaten more salad than bugs...it hasn't seemed to hinder his growth any. :wink:


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Amber asked me if i would take in a older adult beardie of her friends the boy lives next door to my parents. Last i seen her was almost 2 yrs ago. She was filthy and skinny and cold as ice. After telling the boy what he needed to do for her he improved her life he wouldn't give up the sand but at least shes warm and fed enough :D He has to get rid of her because hes moving and asked Amber if she wanted her. Her name is Beasty shes right over 4 yrs old. I'm not sure if i want to take on another one but his last resort is us and the pet store. Whats another one right? lol Maybe i can re home her after a while get her all settled in and stuff.

Well our little Hadyn is still a little stinker butt. Hes not afraid of the big guys at all. Figures id have a little tuff guy lol Hes eating and pooping and growing like a weed. He comes up to the front of the viv and look out when hes hungry so if you open his viv you better have food. I still get the full on open mouth about 1/2 the time. I'm working with him at least 2 hours a day off and on. But i've come to the idea if i have a meanie its ok ill still love him LOL Ive been letting him free roam just a bit to see what he does he walks over to where the bugs are as if to say "i want those" So i toss a few roaches on the floor and he chomps em. I can walk up to him without getting a open mouth weird huh? Maybe hes only viv aggressive?


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hi Christy!

If you do take Beasty, I wish you good luck with her. I'm glad Amber was able to make some improvement in her care along the way, and if she does settle with you for a while, she will soon see how good things can be for ANY beardie! :laughing6: If you do decide to rehab and rehome her rather than keeping her forever, I am working toward something on my website for the Beardie Ambassadors, and she might be an ideal candidate, but we will talk more about that if you take her. :D

As far as little Haydn, it does sound like he may be very protective of the viv. :roll: It's HIS space, and you'd better pay him proper homage if you want to enter HIS home!!! :notworthy: Just make sure you have something to plop in that little mouth when you open the door! :whip: I have such a soft spot for fierce little dragons! :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: from all of us!


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/[If you do take in that beardie, make sure you rename her. :shock: 'Beasty' is no name for a lady!

I have to check up on this thread more often. I didn't know you welcomed Hadyn into your family until now. :eek:

Your beardies always make me feel like mine are neglected! Gem is 2 years old and only around 350 grams. I guess I can't blame myself, though. Her previous owner gave her a bug a day, so she was underweight when I got her, and has trouble keeping weight on. Sigh. Which reminds me, we're due for a vet visit\\\\\

I'll have to post later. I'm outside and the girls are ganging up on me for their freedom. :lol:



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Jacqui Ive just been blessed with easy to take care of beardies with pretty large parents. If we get Beasty we decided to call her Bea for short. Im so torn i want to take her in but then again i dont. Sounds bad i know but Hayden is a handful. And we tested my theory about him being viv agressive and well he was out on my desk for a good hour and a half acting like a well mannered tame little man. He walked around licking everything and everything and even found him a nice spot to fall asleep. Not one puffed up beard not one open mouth no hissing. Even with people walking up to him and around my desk. I'm at a loss how to get him less viv aggressive lol But im ok with it :D


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What if you placed an item that you'd normally use/wear, something that would have your scent on it, into Hadyn's viv? And switch it out every few days so the scent will always be strong enough that his viv won't only have HIS scent.
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