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This is the story of how we got our two baby dragons. It all started when my daughter brought home a beardie the whole family fell in love with him. You know some teens get when they get moody *dont touch him hes my beardie* gah it hurt because everyone loved him and played with him fed him we all pitched in. She even go so moody one day she moved his viv to her room so no one could see or play with him. (girls and pms :roll: )So i made a thread http://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=98235 * I want a BD for myself* i guess there was a few people who were in the same boat as me. Being a BD grandma is tuff! (She of course got over it and moved him back down stairs) I wanted to get one who might need a little more care or love thought first thing *rescue* I was checking cragelist daily not one bd post in the weeks i was looking. Then a breeder(DistDrag) posted on the thread letting me know he had 2 babys just hatched out that had small issues, one with a crooked tail and one with a leg that didnt work. They were the cutest things! I still had to get the ok from my hubby once he seen those pics he was hooked!! So he let me take them both! They were still way to young for me to get yet so we were happy to leave them with the breeder(DistDrag)till they were safe to travel. He kept us posted on how they were doing and posted updated pictures. The day came to where they were ready to be sent to us. Oh boy i was so excited i couldnt sleep and kept a eye out the window for them to get here! :blob8: :blob8: :blob8: :blob8: <-- that was me 10 fold lol I heard the UPS man drive up and i was out the door!
Still in the box!

Comming out of the little box's.

This is the one with the left foot that dosnt work(My hubbys) He/she dosnt have a name yet.

This is the one with the kink in the tail. I call her Roo short for Kangaroo.

Heres a comparison between Chimera and Roo.

They are both from the same clutch they are 1 month 1 week old and 6 1/2 inches long.

We will never let more than 1 of beardies to be out of their viv's at one time. Except for the 2 new babys just for a while so we can sit and watch tv with them to get them used to us. They both have their own vivs. I have to say ty to everyone! I have learned so much since i have joined! I dont think our babys would be as healthy as they are if it wasnt for all of you!

Ill be posting more pictures soon and more tails from their goofy antics lol


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I'll try that. I'll clean out his viv real good get all his scent gone and then add a shirt of mine in there. Anythings worth a try :D Ive tried the bugs every time i walked up to his viv. Oh hes all for munching them, then in a flash Puff.... puff ..........hissssss ......tail swat..... beard puff. I joke with my hubby that one of these times im going to walk in front of his viv and he will be flipping me the bird LOL

MaryAnn i dont think i had this much trouble with Thoth and his viv aggression lol Thoth was just like mine mine mine dont touch my things! Pinch ..pinch.. *rubs top of hand* I sure do miss those two boys. Give them a scratch under the chin for me.


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Hi Christy! Any decisions made about taking in Bea?? How is the gang doing today? Hopefully the t-sirt idea will help settle Haydn down a bit but I think he's just a dominate kinda guy!!!


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gosh ive missed alot. i will be reading up in the next few days.

all my love to you and your rapidly growing tribe x


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Hey there Ethelia! Ive missed you! I hope your doing well. :( yeah I miss her. I gave Hadyn her bear yesterday i was cleaning out my closet and found all her things i packed away. I just couldnt pack it back in the box :( Hows your babies doing? I cant wait to see what they are up too.

Hugs n kisses (bugs for the babies)


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Good morning everyone!

I decided to not take in Bea. Don't think i can handle looking after 6 and the grandbaby on the weekends and keep the house and yard clean.

Everyone seems to be going back into shead again :O Even the adults. Its almost a once a month thing no ones gaining that much weight. Except Hadyn. Hes big enough to free roam. Ive been keeping a eye on him but standing back to let him think hes alone. I didnt cover any of the vivs. I think the only adult who had a issue with him was Lexia she kept giving him the stink eye and following his every move. He ran around for a while and well he decided to take on Bobble who is 21 1/2 long and 650g full blown hormonal male whos very beardie aggressive. So i was expecting Bobble to smash into the glass trying to bite Hadyns head off. Bobble ignored him... Hadyn did the whole sideways stance ran back in forth showing just how big of a boy he was beard puffed out to the max with a little black beard. He even gave Bobble a little headbob. After about 5 mins of this he got bored of Bobble and went to walk off as he was Bobble gave him a little headbob. And here came back Hadyn..... He cracks me up! Hes doing much better with the viv aggression. Hes calming down. He is eating like a pig! He has a belly going on thats for sure.

I had Darien the whole weekend friday - sunday night. Wow im so glad i had my kids when i was young and full of energy because im still beat! I wouldnt of even sent him home if i wasnt so tired. Woot im going to get a new camera cord this thurs! Ive been taking pictures just cant upload anything.

I hope everyone is doing well.


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Hello everyone!

Been very busy lately had the grand son for the last 4 days wow he was all over the place lol He can give a real stink eye!

All the beardies are doing so well some of the adults are being really lazy but i think i just need to add the warmer bulbs in the temps dropped here the last few days. Hadyn is getting soooooo huge! I was letting him free roam intill i saw him make a Bline for bobbles viv and try and pick a fight LOL If he sees a beardie he goes NUTS black beard buffed up and if hes basking he will jump off and come to the front of his viv to headbob them. Its soooo cute cause hes so small compaired to them, they ignore him.

I hope everyone is doing well still no cord going to buy on this next week woot!


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Hey Christy!

I'm glad to hear the crew is doing well, and I'm looking forward to seeing new pics of Haydn, and the rest of the family! The temps have been dropping here in the last few days, but Thoth and Fib have been trying to sleep for most of the last two weeks. I'm not letting Thoth sleep because I want more weight on him. I take his hide out most of the day. He is not getting annoyed about it, but when I put it back in, he curls up tight inside there. Fib, apart from me missing him, is all right sleeping as he has added a solid 30+ grams over the last month. I just wake him up 'cause I'm not ready for him to sleep yet. Kang is not sleepy at all, but he is up 50 grams in the last month, and is looking beautiful! You would be so proud of him. I think he will shed before he sleeps, but just his lips and nose are gray so far. Nef and Emmy are very lazy, but Galileo and the rest of the girls, including Thorn, 9 years old now, show no sign of brumation yet. Tweezie has not gained even a fraction of an inch from the time I brought her down to see you, but she has doubled in weight, and looks like a little butterball! She has really blossomed this summer! I know, I'll have to get some pictures up, too. Stay well, and I will try to head over soon to say hello to everyone and meet little Mr. Haydn. :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: :love5: and hugs for you and all your crew.



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I can't wait to see pics, Haydn sounds like he's full of piss-n-vinegar!!! I love it! Do you have an updated weight and measurent on him? I posted a few pics of Chencho a few days ago you should see how big he is! I'm gonna wegh him when I give him a bath in an hour...
Hi christy,
I'm new to the forum and new to beardies, I spent about 3 days reading your this from start to finish so I feel as though I know you and all your beardies too, I actually cried when I read about poor Roo. I suppose u have Lexia there to keep her spirit alive.
They all sound so funny and have such different personalities, its lovely how dedicated you are to them all and your gorgeous grandson too.
Well I'm Emma and I live in the UK and I'd really appreciate any tips u have about raising a baby beardie.

I recently got a little baby of my own, his (not too sure just looks like a boy) name is billi, me and my partner decided on Billi as it works for a girl and a boy, he's about 10 weeks old and only just over 6 inches and judging by the size of your babies he seems tiny? Hes been having about 15 crickets 2/3 times a day dusted with calcium or repetivite, how many days should I giv him calcium and how many should I do reptivite?
he's been pooping really well too and even drank from his water dish a fer times which I was very proud of as ppl sometimes struggle getting them to drink from these.

Hope all ur clans doing well, I'll try and get a picture of Billi uploaded :) he's a real cutie!

Emma x


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Christy you have posted some very beautiful pic's in the past did you manage to get 2 of each of your beardies picked out for the calendar?


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Hi Christy, my computer's been on the fritz, just got it fixed this am, so catching up. Glad Hadyn is doing so well. As far as wanting to pick fights, he's just a macho beardie :roll: We have our 4 boys in the living room, they each get their free roaming time and spend alot of the day bobbing and blackbearding each other. In fact, when I had Rubio in his tank (he's behind the living room couch) and Lonzo out, Roger forgot to put the living room barrier up and Lonzo knew exactly where Rubio was. They actually search each other out & if one is sleeping (as they're starting all to do, more & more) they seem to miss each other. Too funny. I know having 6 beardies can be a houseful, so I can understand you not taking on Beastie. Hope they find a good home to give her to.

Have you found your camera cord yet? What a pain when you misplace something & can't find it, especially a camera cord. Hope you find it soon, as I'd love to see pics of your crew.

Hugs sent to you and yours,


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Hi everyone!

Wow thank you Emma i miss Roo very much still she was the sweetest thing ever a real fighter. 5x a week for calcium and 2 days a week for the vitamins just on one meal a day. I love going back

Barbara i havent even looked through my pictures yet :( I need to, its going to be very hard submitting all but Roo this yr.

As far as Satan oops Hadyn is conserned lol Hes one mean guy. He wants NO part of anyone you have to toss his food in and go. I know it dosnt help with Amber trying to catch him for his bath every other day ive even been letting him go 3 days. He jumps at you with a open mouth and i cant tell you how many times ive been swatted where hes left welts on my arm. Hes not taming at all. Its either i crack down and keep him out of his viv and with me most of the day or i will have to re home, only because i cant risk him getting out with Darien here and bitting him when he gets full grown. I'm going to have Amber and her BF take pictures for me and put them on my comp if his camera has video ill have them take one of me trying to get him out of his viv. I always come from below thats why i put him in the top viv so you always have to go from low. I told everyone no more hand feeding him either. Ive tried all the tricks hes just aggressive by nature i think. Dont get me wrong i love him and it would kill me to re home him. I just wish he was well calmer lol So I'm giving him 1 month of being with me all day everyday out of his viv he will warm up, eat, bask and then hes going to be with me all morning. I'll put him in around 12 let him bask, feed him and take him out again till this evening. I'm going to leash him( i dread that) and tie him to something so he cant run off my desk. I'll let him get used to that then ill pet him little by little and then more and more as the day goes by. Only thing i can think of.

Hes now 212 g im sure he woud be closer to 250 of not more if he would eat more bugs but hes a veggie man i bet he eats 2 full cups a day. I cant measure him i dont wanna loose a finger lol
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