Lexia,Kinno,Bobble,Chimaira&Hadyn. Pictures

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This is the story of how we got our two baby dragons. It all started when my daughter brought home a beardie the whole family fell in love with him. You know some teens get when they get moody *dont touch him hes my beardie* gah it hurt because everyone loved him and played with him fed him we all pitched in. She even go so moody one day she moved his viv to her room so no one could see or play with him. (girls and pms :roll: )So i made a thread http://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=98235 * I want a BD for myself* i guess there was a few people who were in the same boat as me. Being a BD grandma is tuff! (She of course got over it and moved him back down stairs) I wanted to get one who might need a little more care or love thought first thing *rescue* I was checking cragelist daily not one bd post in the weeks i was looking. Then a breeder(DistDrag) posted on the thread letting me know he had 2 babys just hatched out that had small issues, one with a crooked tail and one with a leg that didnt work. They were the cutest things! I still had to get the ok from my hubby once he seen those pics he was hooked!! So he let me take them both! They were still way to young for me to get yet so we were happy to leave them with the breeder(DistDrag)till they were safe to travel. He kept us posted on how they were doing and posted updated pictures. The day came to where they were ready to be sent to us. Oh boy i was so excited i couldnt sleep and kept a eye out the window for them to get here! :blob8: :blob8: :blob8: :blob8: <-- that was me 10 fold lol I heard the UPS man drive up and i was out the door!
Still in the box!

Comming out of the little box's.

This is the one with the left foot that dosnt work(My hubbys) He/she dosnt have a name yet.

This is the one with the kink in the tail. I call her Roo short for Kangaroo.

Heres a comparison between Chimera and Roo.

They are both from the same clutch they are 1 month 1 week old and 6 1/2 inches long.

We will never let more than 1 of beardies to be out of their viv's at one time. Except for the 2 new babys just for a while so we can sit and watch tv with them to get them used to us. They both have their own vivs. I have to say ty to everyone! I have learned so much since i have joined! I dont think our babys would be as healthy as they are if it wasnt for all of you!

Ill be posting more pictures soon and more tails from their goofy antics lol


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Hi Christy! You didn't mention if any of your adults have slowed down yet? I'm sorry that Hadyn is such a handful...Hopefully he'll calm down within the month. 212 grams, he's a tad bit heavier than Chencho...Iput some new pics up of my whole "6-pack" last week, you'll have to see how big and handsome he is!


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Hi Christy,

I'm sorry Hadyn hasn't settled down yet. I hope you can get some pictures up soon, to see what he is like now. Thoth has settled down a lot, and is trying to brumate now, but I want more weight on him. i hope the rest of your crew is doing well. Did you get to Sacramento over the weekend? I wanted to go, but have had a couple of major money glitches, and couldn't. Stay well, and we will talk soon.

((((HUGS!!!)))) & :love5:


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Kinno is slow as a dang snail he will only eat bugs no veggies again and is trying to sleep on the cool side. I have to change all the bulbs again its only hitting 97f atm in the triple. So im thinking maybe Kinno is trying to sleep more. Bobble is still basking and eating like normal. Lexia is still a pig like normal. Chimaira is basking and eating like a mad woman she goes crazy if she sees bugs. So far all are doing good except Kinno's lazy booty so hes going back on babyfood for a bit just to keep his weight up.

I'm not feeling well i think i got the babys strep throat so im waiting to try and tame hadyn when i feel better. I dont feel like dodging his mouth and tail lol he almost got me.


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My hubby and kids think its a good idea that we re home hadyn. He bit Cheri so now shes scared of him. Hes not taming at all. No mater what we try. Hes calmer in the viv in the corner than he was in the triple but you cant really hold him and you have to be careful when cleaning and taking him out. I just have no idea how to re home a little bugar like him. He cant be with other beardies thats for sure hes way to aggressive. I sure hope i can find someone willing to take him in.


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Hi Christy! Sorry to hear Hayden is such a handful and that he bit Cheri :shock: I hope if you do rehome him you can find someone who will be patient with him. It's obviously going to take a little time to get him tamed.
How is Darien doing? That's too bad that you got Strep from him. Hope you are feeling better by now.


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Hello everyone,

Been so busy with the 5 beardies and grandbaby :D

We just got all the vivs set up for the cold weather and putting in the hides for when the older ones are ready to start brumating Kinno is allready going down it seems.

All of them are doing really well. I tried to find Hadyn a new home but Amber said she would take him on even with his huge tude. He has calmed down a lot. But you cant touch his tail or back feet at all if you do you may get a tail swat or bit. He goes into defence mode. We are still working with him when we have him out petting him on his tail and feet trying to get him used to it more. Hes a pretty little thing. Hes getting used to the grandbaby too.

Amber taking her pumpkin photos for a school project hadyn was one of her live pieces.




Going to try and get more pictures of the whole clan she borrowed the camera to take these photos i guess it wasnt the cord issue it was a camera issue we cant upload. Hopefully i can get another soon.

The grandbaby is doing so well i miss him when hes not here. I have him 2 to 3 days a week hes starting to talk now.
Darien at 18 months.


My daughter Amber is going to be getting married after she turns 18 this next yr maybe before if they get a wild hair lol

Darien's mom is preggers so i will be a grandma again come april. My life hasnt been dull *pulls out hair* lol


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Freeie":lsfo5t50 said:
Bath time was so fun I decided to bathe them together since they are so small. Roo is taking after Chimera soon as they hit that warm water *poop* had to change it right off lol Then not 5 mins later Leggie did so I put fresh water in and let them run around. I had to keep a real close eye on Leggie since his one front leg dosnt work his head gets close to the water so i tried to have my hand helping him keep it up he would just go the other way hes still pretty scared of me. Roo pishhhh shes playing and running all over the place took a drink and ran over her brother a few times.




I try and baby Leggie more than Roo shes stable and pigs out on everything and anything put in front of her. Hes just not that cought up yet. Hes pooping ok and getting fluids thru a eyedropper. At night ive been giving him squash baby food. hes alert and aware of every little movement he can see. I think he will do great just needs some extra love :D
If anyone has any ideas on giving little ones a extra boost with foods id love to hear them. They are 5 weeks old.

Leggie in his beardie buritto.. gl keeping Roo in one.. :lol:
Maybe you could use the beardie burrito pic in the November original photo competition!

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Aww those are great pics of Hadyn. They would have been good pics for the calendar. They are all awesome!

I agree with Amber, I wouldn't rehome him as he looks soo scared. I think he must have been mistreated with his former people, or not handled at all. He needs to know someone will not hurt him and will take care of him. The fact that you said he's calming down, I feel, makes my case. Yes, it's a lot of work but can you tell me you don't like Hadyn, that he hasn't become a part of your heart? He's become a part of my heart and I've never seen him in person, just in pics.


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HI CHRISTY!!!! Glad to see you checking in! Darien is sooooo adorable and getting big! So another grandbaby coming, well at least you won't need to keep "collecting" beardies :wink: Haydn sure has grown. I can't wait to see pics of the rest of your gang!


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Hes alot bigger than those pictures show him i think hes almost 17 inches long but only 250g lol We got him at 2 months old from a very good breeder he hatched pissed lol He reminded me of some of the pictures i think Tom showed with a little hatchling with a open mouth and ready for action. The first picture i was shown he was giving HUGE tude at 9 inches lol He hates the camera it scares him. I think thats why he looks scared in some of the photos. Hes always has a creamy white belly and happy. Hes just really aggressive has been since we got him at 9 inches. He did have his back foot bit off at the breeders he was fighting tank mates super young. He lost the fight. Amber loves him to death. I'm glad we kept him even tho i wasnt sure after he bit Cheri shes still pretty scared of him. If he sees another one of the gang hes ready for a fight lol Hes been black bearding and headbobbing since he was 3 months old. Sooo cute his colors are dull hes getting ready to shead.

I know its been a long while just been sooo busy with everyone here. I can wait to post more pictures of the gang.

I have a hard time looking at the baby pictures of Lexia(leggie) and Roo i still miss her so bad. She was the best beardie in the world.

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I understand, Christie. I feel the same way with our first two. They were the best of friends. Here's a pic of the two of them that was on one of the bd.org calendars several years ago.

They talked together like this all the time.


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Christy! Welcome back! I missed seeing pics and reading stories of your gang.
Darien sure is growing up fast, and what a cutie pie! Glad to hear that you still get to have him 2-3 days/week.
Amber's going to be married?! And Darien's mom is pg again?! Holy cow, you sure don't live a dull life. Yikes!

Hope everything else had been well with you and your family.


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Hey everyone,

Everyones doing good around here. Kinno seems to be down for the count lol hes been sleeping on and off for about a month now. If we wake him up and he sees a bug he goes nuts! So he will eat and sleep. Chimaira shes still going strong. Shes pretty active still. Bobble if he has a chance he will catch a nap here and there but hes usually basking 90% of the day. Hes became a real sweetie well to us humans he sees another of his kind and its all out war! His beard gets sooo jet black. Kinno still has yet to get one as dark hes more of a grey beard lol Lexia well shes still the same onery as ever lol She basks and looks around she keeps a eye out for anyone in *her* space if she sees anyone shes on high alert head bobbing and black bearding and she does her very best to foot stomp with having the one leg in front its like someone doing a push up and clapping in between. Shes the kind you want to just hug and squeeze and call her George lol Hadyn is on full alert every waking moment. the other day i couldnt figure out what his problem was no one was out but he had a huge black beard and was pacing his viv back and forth he would head bob and foot stomp like a mad beardie. As if someone had got out and was pestering him. I double checked everyone was in the vivs even mr kinno the escape artist. I walked around and found what was setting him off i about died laughing. Amber likes to do her make up while watching tv she left her small compact open for face powder ok what is it a 3 inch mirror? It was enough he could get a good glimps of himself! Amber has bonded so well with hadyn its amazing. Shes not afraid to be bit or swated at all so if he bites her he will be ignored and not given his way and put back. We are working on trying to getting him used to having his back legs and tail touched little by little. I never could believe that they could hatch so mad at the world and everything in it. You know you seen the breeders have the pictures of the little 2 inch hatchlings with a full on open mouth and ready to fight. Or seeing a post in the forsale/for free forum saying *Guard beardie meaner than any pitbull around* (nothing bad about pits i was raised around them just a saying) I would laugh. Well Hadyn was born mad at the world and anything that moves thats for sure i mean we got him sooo dinky and young. Even his photo from the breeder he was copping a tude LOL I remember thinking he was going to be huge when we opend the box and bag and here came out this itty bitty little meanie LOL Sooo cute. Cheri is still afraid of him after he bit her(he drew blood) she went pail white and almost passed out she stays away from him.

I miss Roo so much still. I think about her all the time. She was the most loving sweet beardie we have owned. I miss her sweet little face those beautiful eyes. I still havnt got over the pain of loosing her.

I hope everyone is doing well.
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