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still deciding !!
Are these products good?
Is there anything else I need? (except for stuff like substrate, vitamins n calcium, food and hides)
Also what substrate do you guys recommend?


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I would replace the Arcadia LumenIZE UV lamp with 12%.
You will also need a dragon hide of the right size.
Everything else is good. I would also recommend the reptile Zen Mat - for terrarium 4'x2'
Just check if this mat is the right size for you.
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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
Are these products good?
Is there anything else I need? (except for stuff like substrate, vitamins n calcium, food and hides)
Also what substrate do you guys recommend?
Your digital probe is going to tell you the correct wattage for basking bulb -- babies up to 6 months surface basking temp 105-110 - older from 6 months and up 95-100-- you can use the Zen habitat matt for a 4x2x2 tank if your tank is smaller I would go w/ some textured NON adhesive shelf liner - cut to the size of the tank -- Please NO colored bulbs NO yellowish or off white and NO Daytime bulbs - the Exo Terra Intense is good or a Flukers Basking and Arcadia Halogens are good solid clear bright white basking bulbs


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Luis and Lilith
Without knowing the dimensions of your tank, 150W sounds a little strong.

That is the exact food dish I use, it is good but does have some discoloration from some fruits I feed on occasion.

My two dragons are on and love some loose substrate they can burry in. I use a sand mix that drys up and gets rock hard.


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My two dragons are on and love some loose substrate they can burry in. I use a sand mix that drys up and gets rock hard.
As well. Sand that gets hard when sprayed from time to time with a spray bottle and then dries under the lamps. It gets so hard we had issues with inserting a "sign" (paper on toothpick) into the sand last time for making a fun photo. (The sand I use is what I get directly from the desert here, but as that's likely not possible for others, I would recommend mixing play sand and organic soil (without any fertilizer, styrofoam balls and such, just pure soil) with burrowing clay from Zoomed.)
My dragon likes to dig out his burrow wider, and I like that I can stabilize things such as stones in the sand, plants grow in it, and it's easy to remove poo (no scrubbing necessary, poo can easily be taken off, I fill up sand from time to time when too much was removed with poo).

What is not good is loose sand, so one that stays crumbly and you can let it run through your fingers. This would be bad for their joints as they sink in when moving, and bad for their eyes and nostrils/airways/lungs as it really gets in to anything, and it can be ingested.

The food dish, I also have it and too observe the discoloration (but I don't mind).
For a worm dish, I can not recommends those that come in two parts - insects get through the gap between "lid" and lower part and then escape. Either use a ceramic worm dish that comes in one part, or a similarly shaped object (I use the glass lids from candles, cleaned very well of course).

Regarding the basking lamp, I'd recommend starting with 100W and increasing if necessary, maybe with two lamps. I agree with Karrie that in the end the temperatures reached determine which bulb is the correct one, but of course one would not know the temperature before buying it... So I would recommend trying the 100 W.
(I have in total 200 W basking bulbs, with two lamps and having the light cone they produce partly overlap, as I cannot get anything stronger here than 100 W. But that's for a huge enclosure.)

In addition, any kind of elevated basking spot is needed - so something the dragon can climb up. It could be a branch, a large (fake) rock or such. For a small dragon the Mopani wood will do, but in the long run something larger is necessary. For this, I have a very large branch that's also sufficiently thick (~15 cm diameter), and a "fake rock" climbing background I made. But those things I would recommend upgrading (to a very large branch and/or a climbing background) once the dragon is larger.

Small things I could recommend:
- Some tongs. Especially if the enclosure is larger, tongs are so helpful for grabbing things. I use bamboo barbecue tongs (no metal, to not break the enclosure's glass in case it falls out of my hands). One could also use them as feeding tongs, but I don't do so. I use it for catching feeder insects in the enclosure if necessary, for grabbing a paper towel to wipe down the glass from the inside if necessary.
- Something to remove the poo. Depending on what your substrate is, and where your dragon poops. You have to try it out. (Mine poops in the sand, and I remove it with a plastic spoon.)
- A separate spray bottle, in case you ever had any fertilizer or such in the one you use for household plants. It can be handy for misting the sand (if you use sand), and for increasing the humidity slightly if that's necessary. I also use it for the (real) plants in the enclosure, my dragon licks off the water from the plants from time to time. I have bought me a spray bottle with a small (just 300 ml) bottle so it's easier than with the normal sized ones to use that in the enclosure. Can be a cheap one, no need to go for the expensive ones from terrarium brands.
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