1. I

    Odd poop warning photo included!!

    I looked at this website before and it helped me find out lots of answers about my lil guy. But I’ve never joined or actually posted my own thread here before, but I feel panicked because I came out about an two hours ago to this poop. Please ignore the Left over food I hadn’t gotten the chance...
  2. Ellwie

    Tail issues!!

    My bearded dragon that is a dwarf just came out from her winter sleep and I noticed that her ass was sagging, at first I thought it was poop stuck in there so I gave her a bath and she took a **** but it’s still sagging. Idk if it looks like that cuz she’s skinny cuz she haven’t eaten in a while...
  3. B


    I am pretty sure my beardie has went into brumation. He has stopped eating and is staying hidden and his bowel movements have decreased. He is 1 and this is the first time he has did this and i’m not really sure what i do. Should i keep his lights on all day like normal? Please tell me anything...
  4. H

    Sealents n Wood

    Hello! I was recently wanting to upgrade our beardies enclosure to a larger size and I found this hamster enclosure that seems perfect. I wanted to know if it is safe for her as it is made of fir wood. If the wood is not safe is there a way I can seal it to make it safe? And does the wood pose a...
  5. D


    My bearded dragon is pale with a black beard she was fine a couple hours ago & she ate and everything but now she seems to be like pushing or something she's moving around the tank in different places I'm not sure if she's laying eggs she's done this before but was never pale with a black beard...
  6. B

    Does my crested geckos leg look swollen

    Help please! My crested geckos front legs both look like this! I can’t tell if it’s swollen or not please tell me what you think!
  7. S

    Help my beardie ate a clay bead.

    So I spilled a bunch of clay beads on the floor and my beardie was roaming around my room and he ate a small yellow clay bead and I tried taking it out of his mouth but he bit me, and swallowed it and I don't know what to do, please help!!
  8. N


    Hello, I have a bearded dragon. His name is drago. He is 19 months old and I have had him for 18 months. He recently got this bump on his tail and I haven’t gotten around to taking him to the vet. Does anyone have any advice on what it may be or things I can do to keep him healthy until I can...
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