1. H

    Sealents n Wood

    Hello! I was recently wanting to upgrade our beardies enclosure to a larger size and I found this hamster enclosure that seems perfect. I wanted to know if it is safe for her as it is made of fir wood. If the wood is not safe is there a way I can seal it to make it safe? And does the wood pose a...
  2. TurkeyKirkey

    Sleeping funny ??? Is this somthing I should be alarmed by !!??

    Hey everyone I walked into my spare room where my baby sleeps and is set up and I caught him sleeping really strange is this normal or does this happen? Or should I be worried
  3. TurkeyKirkey

    Black night bulb okay ??

    Hey ! My tank just gets a little to cool at night I have ordered ceramic heat emiter bulb in the mail but until then I have a 100w black light trive bulb is this okay !? I heard the red ones can be extremely harmful to your baby’s eyes so I want to make sure the black light doesn’t do the same...
  4. S

    Help my beardie ate a clay bead.

    So I spilled a bunch of clay beads on the floor and my beardie was roaming around my room and he ate a small yellow clay bead and I tried taking it out of his mouth but he bit me, and swallowed it and I don't know what to do, please help!!
  5. HippieLizards

    Doing an informational presentation to a class about beardies, need tips/advice!

    As the title mentions; One of my mom's friends is a school teacher and she has requested that I do a small informative show and tell type thing about beardies, let kids handle and interact with them and etc, and teach about them, their care, and general stuff about Beardies! I Agreed and I'm...
  6. B

    UVB/basking help asap

    So, i’ve read lots of info on lights, but all the lengths/wattages/types are so confsuing, so I just need some direct answers if possible tank info- -currently has heat coil, uvb coil, and basking light -beleieve it is a 40 gallon, 36x18x18 -has a plastic splitter splitting the top metal mesh...
  7. K

    New baby something’s wrong.

    I got a bearded dragon and I read best not to go to a pet shop. I found someone online selling them an hr away and I made the trip. I still did my best to pick the best dragon in the bunch. Tbh there tank set up was not up to par as far as what I’ve read on them as this is my first and I’ve been...
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