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  1. F

    Cat fleas in enclosure

    So, the top of my bearded dragon’s enclosure is a popular place for the cats. It’s up off the ground, there’s a neat grate to lay on, and the basking lamp is right next to them so it’s nice and warm, too. They don’t care about the dragon, and the dragon doesn’t seem to care about them. They...
  2. L

    I need help please!

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum and still pretty new to owning a dragon. I need some help. I’ve done lots of research and tried different products and tried different ways of setting up the tank and I’m just at a loss here. I did just fill out the account info on the products/setup I’m...
  3. TurkeyKirkey


    Hey everyone ! I recently just bought a 20’ tube light fixture for Toothless I used to have a double dome I used for my uvb and basking and had a extra smaller dome for a coil uvb light… now is it okay to still use my double with the basking light and uvb and the tube or should I switch to...
  4. S

    What’s the best flooring?

    Hi! So I recently upgraded Oslo to a 4x2x2, but can’t find a floor I like. The mat I had before was really inconvenient because the poop would leak through and I would have to scrub it on both sides & let it dry (the bottom side was some sort of fabric and took forever to dry) and by that point...
  5. fowleri

    Enclosure Advice

    EDIT: Did some digging and I think I've got it figured out. NO LEDS either.
  6. G

    Tips on a temporary sterilite enclosure?

    hi! i’m going to be painting my bedroom this weekend and absolutely do not want my beardie breathing in the paint fumes so i’m planning on moving her to the garage just for a few days. her glass tank would be too heavy to carry up and down the stairs so i figured i’d make a temporary little set...
  7. Sandy's World

    Basking light help

    My bearded dragon Sandy's basking light only gets up to about 90 or 95F. I'm worried about this as she has a quite large tank. Currently using a 100w "Repti Basking Spot Lamp" by Zoo Med, placed at the top of the screen lid. Her tank dimensions are L23in, by W19in, by H23in, a recycled fish...
  8. Z


    I just adopted this little guy and he is so dehydrated and needs uv so bad. this is how I got him. im planning on getting the usb in a new thing with a reflector but also mount it inside his enclosure. Now I don't know if this thing was built for a beardie because there are no ramps to even...
  9. Z

    New Beardie with weird setup and a couple issues

    Hello! I just adopted a beard as a rehome and ive taken care of beardies before but I want second opinions. Birthday is unknown, The last owners had him for 2 years. They had an animal hoarding home to say the least. Now first thing I knew was he is D E H Y D R A T E D. they told me they brought...
  10. T

    New Tank, Strange Behavior

    Hello. I’m fairly new to bearded dragons and reptiles in general, but I think I’ve been handling it well. I built a custom tank for my bearded dragon that I got at about 3 months old. That tank had an open top, but I was able to maintain temperature and humidity well. Three weeks ago, I...
  11. kenobisaber

    Better Fitting Lid

    One of my dragons Tigger lives in an Exo-Terra® Natural Terrarium Reptile Habitat 36x18x18 for the time being while I wait for replacement parts on his 4x2x2.. I hated the cross t lid so I got a screen cover from Thrive where it’s just screen no cross t. Is there any better fitting lids? I feel...
  12. B

    DIY bearded dragon enclosure

    Hello, I am getting my first bearded dragon (adult) and I wanna build it a nice home. I was planning on building this enclosure but replacing the doors with sliding plexiglass doors. I was wondering if I should replace the roof with a screen top (like zenhabitat's enclosures) or just have a few...
  13. F

    Thoughts on my UVB Setup

    Hello! I was wondering if my UVB setup is appropriate for my tank. The tank is a 4x2x2 Zen Habitat and the Bulb is a HO T5 10.0 Reptisun in a 36" fixture. When we upgraded his tank I was told that the UVB should cover 2/3 of the tank, so I purchased this fixture. However, after doing more...
  14. danielc12

    New tank temps running a little cold

    I just upgraded my juvenile dragon from a 20 gallon that was far too small for her to a 40 gallon. So far she’s taking to the new tank well, however I’m really struggling with the tank temps. She’s about six months old, so her basking spot needs to be between 100-110, but right now it’s hovering...
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