enclosure setup

  1. TCRay_AAAa

    First time owner - Are these products good? Any recommendations?

    Are these products good? Is there anything else I need? (except for stuff like substrate, vitamins n calcium, food and hides) Also what substrate do you guys recommend?
  2. F

    Substrate quanity/ratio

    Hey everyone. I'm currently building a 120 gallon tank for my dragon. We just got her a few weeks and I think i've done more research on proper care for her more than I did for any subject in school. One thing im having a hard time figuring out is the substrate. Becasue im building her tank and...
  3. zonkey

    Creating an enclosure for a disabled dragon

    Hey all, it’s me (as always) searching for some advice on how I can make an enriching yet easily accessible enclosure set up for my rescue beardie. She’s got MBD, and is missing some toes. She has trouble climbing up some surfaces sometimes, though is able to get onto her flat/thick driftwood...
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