Creating an enclosure for a disabled dragon


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Hey all, it’s me (as always) searching for some advice on how I can make an enriching yet easily accessible enclosure set up for my rescue beardie. She’s got MBD, and is missing some toes. She has trouble climbing up some surfaces sometimes, though is able to get onto her flat/thick driftwood basking spot with relative ease for example. Now I figured it’d be best for her enclosure to be more wide open so she can easily move around. But I also want to make it as enriching as possible and helpful to her. Any ideas on items I can put in her enclosure to help her and make her life more enriching? But also safe, given her MBD i don’t want her to fall and possibly break any bones. Any and all help is appreciated. I just want to make her life better after all she’s been through.

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I give my giys hides made with big pieces of sandstone. They are flat on top so a good perch and they keep their nails blunted. I also have ramps in some of them. They love to set on an incline.

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