1. zonkey

    Creating an enclosure for a disabled dragon

    Hey all, it’s me (as always) searching for some advice on how I can make an enriching yet easily accessible enclosure set up for my rescue beardie. She’s got MBD, and is missing some toes. She has trouble climbing up some surfaces sometimes, though is able to get onto her flat/thick driftwood...
  2. G

    Dig box substrate?

    So with Oslo being so much more active lately, and I’ve been too busy to get him out as much as I’d like, I really want to provide him with more in-house enrichment. I felt like a dig box would be a great start! But I’ve been very conflicted about substrate. I know coconut fiber causes RI, sand...
  3. S

    Any recommendations for the setup? Ideas for more enrichment?

    I haven’t been able to get Oslo out as much recently- I’ve been very busy and away from home. I feel bad about it, and would love ideas on what I could do to keep him mentally stimulated while I’m gone. Also, disregard the dehumidifiers. We have like 90% humidity here, and his favorite thing...
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