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  1. alyssa2704

    DIY enclosure complete!

    Hi all!! My DIY enclosure for Leo is now complete after a long month :) I’m pretty proud of it and came out better than I anticipated. Please give me your opinions of it, and potential ways to improve it even more. He does have a food and water bowl the just haven’t been placed in yet. Here’s...
  2. 20221031_102246.jpg


    Making this enclosure was a labor of love, and I'm so happy Lenny likes it. 💜
  3. C

    What fixture needed for 34in 39W T5 HO?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I’ve had my beardie Chester for soon to be 6 years. I am looking to upgrade my entire set up, and most importantly my UVB set-up. I’m looking at a 34in 39W reptisun 10.0 T5 HO. I can’t seem to find any fixtures for this length of bulb. Does anyone...
  4. P

    Transporting + Viva Set Up

    I was planning to buy my first beardie. I have been doing research and stuff for awhile now. Someone I know is selling the one they have had for a few months with a full tank set up. They do however live two hours away from me. My question is, what is the best way of transporting the beardie...
  5. Alinannyms

    Enclosure size?

    Hey! I've been doing a lot of research on bearded dragons, I really want to get into taking care of one, and I want to make sure it will be 100% happy if I am inviting it into my home. It's not worth adopting a pet if you're just going to make their life miserable, you know? Anyways, my room is...
  6. Ridley_Roc66

    Brumation or enclosure issues??!

    Hello dragon daddies & mommies! This here is RIDLEY and he's not acting like his usual self. He has been hiding for a couple weeks and now sleeping in his little cave. He still has an appetite if I put food in front, but won't bask. RIDLEY usually likes to bask, poop, eat, then run outside to...
  7. mushumom2021

    New tank new crazy

    I have had my female dragon for a little over a year now, I’m not sure how old she is since I bought her from OfferUp. Recently I moved her into a new tank, this tank had previously housed another beardie I had that passed away. The tank had been cleaned with soap and water as well as rubbing...
  8. nuclearkielbasa

    Constant Wallsurfing - a week of skittering

    So, We recently adopted a beardie from a family (the kids got tired of him, and he'd bitten one so they were all scared of him) He's a bit older than 3 they think. He's lived in a smaller 36" enclosure, all glass(exoterra) with a doubledome-heat & UV combo. We now have him in a 45" laminate...
  9. Enclosure


    Work in progress, 595 gallon enclosure, have added organic Opuntia, tiles and rocks, will take new pics soon. Enclosure is 6.5'x 3.5'x3'. Includes three Arcadia D3+ 12% UVB T5 bulbs, three Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors, Hagen Exo Terra Electronic Day/Night Thermostat, two hides
  10. T

    New Tank, Strange Behavior

    Hello. I’m fairly new to bearded dragons and reptiles in general, but I think I’ve been handling it well. I built a custom tank for my bearded dragon that I got at about 3 months old. That tank had an open top, but I was able to maintain temperature and humidity well. Three weeks ago, I...
  11. nuclearkielbasa

    Relocating - increment or all at once?

    Hello there! we will be acquiring a 3-year old beardie that has been living in the same tank his whole life; a glass exoterra 12" x 18" x 36". We have a larger melamine tank that is 17" x 20" x 45" that will become his new home. What would be the best way to move him in? Do we keep him in his...
  12. Shojo

    My new baby beardie Doris

    Hello, I just got my beardie a week ago and they seem to be adjusting well. He’s active nibbles on his salad and take sips from his water. I waited 6 days before picking him up and it was successful after initial fear he relaxed in my palm and almost ate a mealy worm from me. I did notice that...
  13. danielc12

    New tank temps running a little cold

    I just upgraded my juvenile dragon from a 20 gallon that was far too small for her to a 40 gallon. So far she’s taking to the new tank well, however I’m really struggling with the tank temps. She’s about six months old, so her basking spot needs to be between 100-110, but right now it’s hovering...
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