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  1. QueenJay

    Respiratory infection?

    For a long while, I will hear a "clicking" sound come from Nami, ONLY when she's out of her tank and with me. She will also breathe with her mouth open, majority of the time while she's basking in her tank or out in the sun. Once in a while she will "cough", which happens less than once a week...
  2. A

    Depression and Beardie Care - Advice

    So last year my bearded dragon was diagnosed with gout. They did the blood work and x-rays and determined it wasn’t in his kidneys and was still early on. But I’ve had him for about 6 years now and it was very saddening news. I did a complete overhaul of his diet as the vet suggested and...
  3. QueenJay

    Possible fluid in side??

    A couple days ago I noticed Nami's right side appeared larger then her left. Yesterday it looked more like a "pouch" of what felt like air had formed on her lower right side. Today it feels more like a fluid and is more tender You can hopefully tell from the pictures how her lower right side is...
  4. E

    constant swallowing.

    Hi, My female bearded dragon is a year old and is getting over an ongoing respiratory infection. It started back in the beginning of september, She was going to a vet and was getting injections for two months until we did a culture that took forever to get back. We were actually sent to a...
  5. Inkticious

    Does my bearded dragon seem healthy?

    Hey there, I am a bit worried that I'm unable to properly take care of my bearded dragon, this is the third bearded dragon my family in general has had, and the second bearded dragon that is specifically my responsibility. The reason I'm concerned is I don't know if I am taking good care of...
  6. Shojo

    My new baby beardie Doris

    Hello, I just got my beardie a week ago and they seem to be adjusting well. He’s active nibbles on his salad and take sips from his water. I waited 6 days before picking him up and it was successful after initial fear he relaxed in my palm and almost ate a mealy worm from me. I did notice that...
  7. ColeDWestin

    Bearded Dragon in his cage too long?

    Hey guys, Rookie bearded dragon owner, again showing his worries about if he's being a good parent to Safi, the Beardie in question. He's just recently turned a year old, and he is my baby. I spoil him rotten, but make sure to do so in ways that don't violate the beardie safety rules. But I...
  8. FrogWorld

    Dragon not eating

    Hello! First post here :). I scheduled a vet visit in two days to get tested for parasites first and foremost but I still feel anxious having to wait while I don’t know what’s going on. I have a bearded dragon that’s approaching a year in age. I don’t know exactly when he was born, but he was a...
  9. A

    Enclosure help and advice

    I plan on going to the pet store tomorrow to get things I need for my bearded dragon, so I want some input before I just go and spend more money. I have a lot of questions, so sorry in advance lmao i just want the best for my beardie. 1st: The terrarium kit that I bought recommended I also buy...
  10. B

    Sick Beardie & Vet Visit (Asking for Additional Advice on Pinworms/Inappetence)

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but wanted to see what advice you all have to offer regarding an illness Bender the 7 year old male beardie (540g) is going through right now. What I’m going to type is long because I’m not sure how to explain without all the details so I thank you in advance...
  11. M

    Bearded dragon neck.

    Hi i have had my bearded dragons (2) for two years but I need to ask is this normal?
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