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Power Outage, what should I do?

I just got a warning that an ice storm may come in the next few days, I have a juvenile beardie and we don’t have a generator. Any tips on what I should do if the power goes out?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
How long will the power be out for? You can buy one of those battery back up towers. They can run a small heat bulb or heat mat for quite awhile.



BD.org Sicko
In your situation = icestorm likely power outage for several days

solar panel + battery charger + maybe a 80Wh deep discharge gel battery + 12VDC to AC inverter + heatpad 7W ( leave it on 24/7 ).


Sub-Adult Member
I keep a box of handwarmers as a temporary heat source until I can get my dragon to someplace that has power... if getting one of those battery packs isn't an option.
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