Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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I was going to do that but I guess it's probably part of relocation stress. I don't see people at pet stores take pictures so I don't think the previous owners take pics or hold him or else he'd be fine like Alucard was. I'm still trying to get him used to me and pictures. Maybe when he's not so jumpy or scared of me.

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Giving him time to settle in is probably the solution. He has a good home and will realize that soon and settle in.

Drache613 Sicko
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Hello Kami,

Broly is a super cutie pie. :D
It will just take him a bit of time to settle in. He will be just fine!


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So I took out the shirt and he seemed more calm.
He lets people pet him but picking up is another
story. Did his beard stretches. Hasn't eaten yet.

He did however put on more weight. I don't know
the grams, buying another scale. I did just never
cleaned the glass on the scale. Anybody know a way
to clean the scale glass plate (that is attatched by the
way)? Or should it be chucked into the trash?
I can't really compare grams grom day 1 to day 3 so yeah.
You'll know as soon as I know.

Yawns the way Vash used to do with the head back yawn then resume normal (like sucking in too much air) and the beard stretches puffed it out so much he opens his mouth.
All things Vash did and was healthy. So he has the colors of Alucard but does the yawn/beard stretches like Vash. Oh! He's also like a gecko he climbs the background inside his tank (I tried getting it out but he freaks out).

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Lol, yeah!

I loved it. Every time Vash did it I thought URI! But he's normal.

So gave first bath...6 minutes because he became dark and stressed. He kept trying to run out and I would catch him and put him back. He did the arm wave in the bath whicb would be submission but persisted to run out. He also brightened up in the bath then dark in the cage I think he may be a coastal dragon, they're dark. Temps are 105-108. So he's definitely not cold.

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To show you how big in weight and body in general.

He ate the grapes but didn't bother with apples :lol:.
He didn't poop yet so we'll see if he does at all. I need to get greens since he is content on green foods and crickets.
Occasional dragon bites.

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Thanks, I just don't want him too fat and get fatty liver disease.

He eats very well, not a couple bites like 5 or 6 bites then jumps to his log and yeah I picked out the log in Roseburg.
Then jumps down and eats like 2 or 3 more bites then proceeds to the log. I put in food and he chooses what he wants to do. He loves that log...just like Alucard loved his. I threw that log out. He's got Vash's attitude and yawning/puffing habit as well but Alucard's colors.

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Oh LOL I didn't notice the leg. I was showing his body and weight. And he wasn't looking at my phone so it was a sneak picture. He really doesn't like his picture taken.

I think Alucard and Vash made up Broly for me. The old man's habit and attitude and Alucard's color-anyone else think so? Ok maybe Alucard's eating green habit but mostly Vash's.

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Yeah, I think it was totally fate that I bury my boys then on the 7th I see this citrus dragon nosing the glass at the pet store. He comes home and he acts like Vash and colored like Alucard.

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