Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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I got breeders started (roaches, crickets).

I had to move my basking bulb out of the huge dome fixture
It read 111 degrees! But still he was comfortable. Running around like a mad man. I got my basking in a smaller dome and should not be that high. It wasn't last night when I used the smaller fixture.

Forgot to mention it's a T8 bulb. Is 8" away ok?

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I'm glad not much worry as was with Alucard.

A 3-6 month old is easier than a baby.
He's basking, will check hygrometer to see if
it didn't go over 107. Usually my boys like it
hotter than the regular temp of 100-110.

Vash liked 104 Alucard liked 111 any cooler he
got stressed.

Broly doesnt seem to care, he even basked at 92-99.
He doesn't mind the 100s at some point gonna get a low wattage bulb (75 maybe).

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Well 100w will not work in my tank but I think 75 will be too cool...
The basking is just too high a temp but the humidity is right. I take the 100 out then it's too cool and humidity is low...
I can't get it right and it was fine yesterday...ugh..the lamp stand is too low for it to help I can't move the light up or down. I have 75w right now...checkin temps and humidity but it's just as frusterating as the uvb lights.

The coast of Oregon is well I guess humid and cold during winter. I may need to invest in a humidifier. Something has to make this right.

100w: basking 117, 42 -50%
75w: 95, 29-33%

The temp is too high or low same with humidity.
Though it read 117 he didn't seem to act like it was bothering him he sat there comfortable is it possible though the battery wasn't used till yesterday it's already dying or faulty? I may just scrap trying to get humidity correct. Just isn't working for me... He seems ok with it.

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Are you checking on the basking spot for the temps? That might be the problem.

And 8" for the tube UVB is perfect.

You have a 20 gallon tall, right? That might be the problem, too. If you use the large dome with the 100W do you get 110F? See if that works better.

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The exo terra is better actually. 100-103.

Humidity is the issue now. It's in the 20s.

Yes, the cage is small but my parents don't want to buy a new one till May. It's big for him right now. They certainly don't want Broly in the old cage which had great temps.

They're steering clear of what "could be" in there.

Checkin the floor surface by the basking spot. The spot itself is 107. Which confused me.

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The size of the tank is fine until May, that's not so far away. If the humidity stays low, then put a small bowl of water in the tank to help it along on the cool side. That's what alot of people do to up the humidity level.

It's the basking spot that you need to measure. It will be hotter than the bottom of the tank, which isn't important. So 107F is fine for him, so leave it like that.

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Basking spot between 107-108 it bounces.

I just put it on the floor because he pushes it off. Such a nut. I do put it on the spot to check periodically when he's glass surfing which he does for an hour. So I am able to check.

I will get a small dish and fill it with filtered water.
I would use tap but may be chemicals in it that can
give Broly cancer or sick.

He doesn't open his mouth anymore to bask he seemed he liked it hotter...but that's too hot with the zoo med. sorry Broly not happening.

Thanks for the help, I just don't want fungal or uri.

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Well thanks for the range of danger! I know what to look for!

He ate 189 crickets! Hooked up the reptisun!

Ugh it was hard to tell my parents about it as we had many tube uvb problems.

Anyway, thanks for the help its at 26% now it's going up slow. I'm taking it out at night as humidity is high anyway at night. Like 60% but that because no high temps. It does go down during the day. So thank you again. He drinks from it, he seemed to figure it out.
I didnt even tell him what it is or what to do with it.

I had to cut a bit of the screen because I had it inside and it was 7" away from him. I didn't cut much just sliced it down the middle of where the tube sits. I'll tape it up if I ever get a gecko in the cage. His che sits him at 83 degrees.

Mom did agree new set up and uvb 36" fixture and bulb
in May.

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31% yay!

He climbed his background (it's inside) and he sat close to the uvb (on cut up screen). Tuesday gonna get a water bowl and some medium, I don't know if I should, babies look like they are too small for his mouth LOL like one gulp they're gone. What did you all do for bugs? Do you think I should upgrade his feeders till mine are hatching and growing?

Did I mention he head bobs at his reflection? :wink:

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So he's already starting puberty, it's funny to watch that, he can't know that's him, they don't have any self awareness. Leo stares at his reflection, black bearded, most of his day! The others don't seem bothered by it.

Ok, so Tuesday you're going to get a water bowl and medium what? Dubia should be a bit bigger than the space between his eyes and crickets, the body the space between his eyes or smaller for the right size. Is this what you were asking?

I feed Nathaniel dubia, he won't eat crickets anymore and he rarely eats supers (I think they're too big for him, even if he is 17" long) so I bought him small supers and am hoping he'll eat those. He won't eat phoenix worms and I don't get silkworms, too expensive.

If you can order online you can get different bugs here
I know a few people who use her site and like what she offers.

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Yeah, medium crickets sorry, phone must've backspaced it out.

I meant medium crickets. Sorry. Babies are really small.
He's not too small. I was asking if mediums crix are too big for him.

First time for a head bobber, Vash and Alucard were wavers.

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Nope medium crix should be fine, but still check the body of the cricket to the space between his eyes. I get mediums for my geckos. If you can tell me how wide the space is I'll measure for you before you get any. Just an estimate is fine. I'd say 1/2 an inch, right? So I just measured and they're just smaller than 1/2" so mediums will be fine for him. Just not adult sized yet.

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