Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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I believe he's a coastal type dragon as he is dark not light like Vash and Alucard.

He's very healthy eats like a pig, very accepting of other foods not just crickets which I offer anyway. Mine all just hatched and now they need to grow some.

Temps and humidity are great...steady 108 and 33%...that fluctuates sometimes ....but thank you Auntie!

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Tonight after lights out, I was thinking of letting him on my chest for like maybe 30 minutes while the che warms up, is this ok? I hear them sleepy is the best way to start. This won't make him mess up a wake/sleep cycle will it?

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Ok thanks Lindz! I'm definitely going to give it a try. I read good reviews on it helping most people. I might do it for 3 nights or so.

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That's how I always got my younger ones to get to know me. I always found that when they were sleepy, it was great to snuggle. I still do that. Leo just spent 2 hours sleeping on me. If I'm home at night, they all get a turn.

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He's tired but wakes up if I go over to his tank.

He's been tired since about 5 or 6, so he doesn't want
dinner. He'll owe me a calcium day then. Or he might need
to poop he went yesterday and Sunday. He did have grapes for lunch. I don't know why he didn't go poop today but whatever.

So I'm doing the "hang out" when he goes to sleep since I can't do it now as he eyes me like a hawk when I stand up.
But closes them if I sit down.

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Definitely a silly super saiyan! His foot and leg shed and he's dark. So I might have a coastal dragon, Deb. His new skin is already dark no rots or infection just the way the skin turned out to be when the old shed came off. I did not help or pull at it.

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Aw, liked the thought of a dark skinned dragon, oh well.
I'm more excited to find out what colors he'll be till he's

He pooped and the pink tinge is gone. He went on his log :roll: apparently Alucard's poop habit. Then again some dragons just do it on decorations.

Still weight and that's not puffing up after a yawn. I, too thought he was fat from taking in air and just not letting it out. Clearly, he's been breathing, so he's getting to be a big boy.

Also, did not have to fiddle with the reptisun...I had to the first few mornings. Took me 12 minutes to get it on. Now, I just turn it on and it's on. I guess it just wasn't locked in too tight. I fixed it yay! Hopefully, no more problems.

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Glad to hear it. I was thinking about that scale. Just washing it with a wipe would clean it. There wouldn't be anything on it either. Nothing lives more than a couple of days. So you can use it again to weigh Broly, no problem.

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Thanks, I did that already since I hadnt cleaned it since the last time Alucard used it.

I let him eat the 5 medium crix well I planned on 15(feed one at a time and had #6 in my hand, but didn't want it) I gave him reptiworms (that shipped in, I got 500) and he ate about 18 of those.

This morning he ate half a bowl of mustards and put calcium on them. So he's eating. Not really missing a beat.
Ok whatever, a low number but at least he's eating some other than bugs. Still needs a bath but it's hard to keep him in it when he assists he gets out. He looks another start/finish forever lizard :lol:.

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