Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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Thank you Liz, my little fatty lizard, hope you know I didn't mean you...:oops: :lol:.

I need a new scale I am afraid of him touching stuff Al touched. Gonna play with temps to keep humidity between 30-40%. It's 38's 107 in basking surface spot but he really likes it. He sits there eyes closed and thermoregulating (sp?) . But he'll move over to cool off.

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Thank you Diane and Esther!

I did stroke head down his back wow he's waxy feeling.
He's got a body shed coming. Definitely bigger than baby
the guy said about 4 months. Someone just dropped him off and Petco put him with about 12 other babies and few juvies in a really big tank. The previous owners did well but the guy said their son didnt want him. They did a good job fattening him up. I hope I can keep him fat. Well not too fat. I love him already just need the T8 reptisun 10.0 uvb bulb...grabbed the T8 fixture, it's 18" till I upgrade then I'll get T5 and 36" reptisun 10.0 UVB. Till then this fixture will work.

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He's very cute and love his belly. You'll do fine with him, he'll get nice and big in no time. Sweet boy. Don't forget to snuggle him, he's already used to human interaction. Snuggling him won't do him any harm. And it's good to know how healthy he is, too.

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He's not really into me handling him he's a "get to know you" kinda beardie. He knew the last owners but he doesn't know me so I'm gonna give him space just feed and talk to him. That is all he wants from me right now. They didnt even name him and had him since a baby. They wanted the kid to name him but he didn't. So they gave him away. Mine now haha!


Thank you for sharing your adventures with your bearded on here. I have found it so useful as a brand new owner. I was sorry to hear about Al but agree with others that he was poorly when you got him. Brody looks adorable.

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Congrats on Broly! He's a cutie pie.

Don't wait too long on handling him. I'm sure he's used to human interaction.

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Can't wait to see more pictures. I agree to handle him as he is used to it and it will help with the whole bonding process. Laying him on your chest after a bath & stroking his back will help too.

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I held him this morning as the light (since mom will look for my reptisun 10.0 tube) turned on and he sat in my hand and dang man he's a bit heavy. He hasn't eaten, I threw in 8 crickets to start and he touched 4...I took out the other 4. Ok he did eat but not as much and more than Alucard did on his first day. I didn't bother feeding last night as he wanted to hide. He was up against the glass last night asleep usually I move my dragons but as his first night I did not.

Nancy: it's ok, Im no newbie though just as you I am starting with a young one as my young hatchling passed on (I think he was too young to be shipped) and my old man beardie of 10 years old died. I can help you too I know a lot about beardies..snakes too but mom won't let me get one. And you're welcome also thanks for checking out my thread.

Gina and Diane: I did this morning as he was cold and slightly tired..I was doing it as he is inactive in the mornings like all my beardies are well were. I didn't yank him out I scooped him up and went to my bed and just let him lay there on my hand and move if he wanted too.
(I know no one accused me of yanking him just saiyan (get it?).

How can I bathe him...? He's warm now so touching him is impossible. My plastic tub well I hadn't cleaned it. I gotta disinfect our tub even though Alucard wasn't sick well he had infection not fungal at the time of being in the human tub. Is it safe or not? Should I bleach it or use a cleaner? The towel that was Vash's then Alucard's was washed in hot water I know that is safe. I don't the owners ever bathed him.

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He pooped it was dark brown and normal smell to it.
I fed him 2 crix today and he was very excited about it but then he wanted to bask. So my mom found the reptisun 10.0 t8 18" tube so will set that up tonight when she gets home. Is there a difference in height from the T5 bulbs or are they both good at 6" away?

Wow he ate some dragon bites, I put it in for liquid calcium in him. The pink stuff will turn his poop green and I won't worry about that. That was just amazing...Alucard wouldnt touch the dragon bites on his first day. So far so good he's doing alright! He shakes his leg (not in the way of mbd) it reminded me of Alucard's issue, yeah you can tell I am paranoid about shakes now. But he is shedding and dull colored. So yeah, he's bound to shake some.

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He's getting used to you, that's great news! And yes, the Reptisun 10.0 can be 8" away, that's perfect for him. Glad he's eating, that's a great sign, too, but he'll be eating lots more than he is now and soon, so be prepared!

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