Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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Try daily for a week. It's not necessary for them to get rid of water, the best test to know if a beardie is dehydrated is to pinch the skin gently along the back. If it goes back easily, then he's hydrated. Then daily baths are all he needs. So give that a try.

And your're still getting to know each other, so patience and a day at a time. I'm glad he's snuggling with you at night, that was always the best time for my skittish little ones.

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Well Saturday (been one week since) I was going to try to handle him but rest of the week of him sleeping on me. I put him back and he decides to sleep on the stone background I got in there. I think he likes to be up on a bed and I'm not handy with needle and thread so I can't make him one.

I had to rescue two of my largest crix as they got free when I cleaned the tank. My cat wanted them. They're safely back inside where they are breeding. Took care of my roaches. Man, crix I hate they jump in my face.

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Do you have a bowl full of wet dirt in your cricket tank for the females to lay eggs in? I wrote up an article in feeders I think it is that's pinned on how to breed them. Most adult females already come ready to lay eggs and need the moist dirt to lay them in and once the eggs are laid, they have to be moved to another container after a week or when the hatch the adults will trample them or eat them.

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Yeah I got it all, just they all died while Alucard did. I couldn't feed them to anyone. Two males got out.
I got my nursery too. I hear chirping so Im ok with them.
It's calming really. I feed them so they didnt starve...I don't know what happened to the last batch.

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I did his bath, 10 mins like before.
Dried him still hates towel. I held him after
bath for a good 10 minutes maybe 15, but I
did take him to meet the dogs and cats at a
safe distance he did really well. Let them sniff
his tail. Then we got back to my room and he
jumped off my hand (safe distance) onto a book that
was there and bolted. Safely and calmly was able to catch
without causing any injuries and put him back after inspecting him for any odd colors (fungal/bacterial). Safe to say no infection on him as I could see. Creamy white belly and good weight. I hate to get him for another recheck but I forgot the number. He's got yellow coming in (not YF). So he has red, orange and now yellow colors. bright alert eyes.
Tired by 6-7 but won't let anyone pick him up even if he's tired. Eyes people like a hawk. Ate half a bowl of greens.

Ate 10 crix had his calcium so the UVB should help absorb it into his bones.

My mom loves how fat he is getting which means no health issues (ie parasite/worms). He loves watching TV as I saw his eyes were intrigued by Dragon Ball Z. We were watching Bio Broly movie DBZ movie. He heard Broly say "kakorot!" And his eyes opened quickly he knew then who I named him after. I joke to him saying "when you grow up scream kakorot(sp)."

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Mom tried to handle him and he just runs away. I reach in and slowly circle my hand around him and was able to cover his head and his stress marks goes from dark to light to vanish. So he's used to me, cleaning his tank, picking up his deposits and feeding him oh can't forget baths.

I explained to her that we do not chase him. Now with Vash (I'm sorry I didn't have this site back then and I was a stupid 17 year old) we did sooo...yeah but he turned out healthy and glad I found you guys wish I did 10 years ago and I woulda known not to do that.

Breakfast was 57 reptiworms with vitamin. Then he sat on his basking. He then pooped dark brown from crix and a bit green (dragon bites). Urates are good, white and soft. I guess he's an every day pooper. Still dark shed so gonna work on that.

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He's young enough to be pooping every day and glad he's eating more. He's so healthy! And glad you're not chasing him, that doesn't make them feel better. Glad you're educating your mom, too! You're both getting to know each other, it's wonderful to hear about.

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Yeah, no chasing. If he runs I close the doors and try later.
I start with petting then try to circle in from the side he can see my fingers but if he bolts I try again in an hour.

Did a bath (lukewarm since he had pooped already) and 7mins is fine since the water was turning cold and got him out before it got colder. He enjoys being held after a bath, however...not before or hours after. Did the skin thing and it goes back fast so he must be hydrated even though he's not a fan of pinching skin.

Lunch will be mustard greens with endive.

Dinner mini supers...hadn't used baby food but I think greens with a bit of protein from bugs is a good mix of a healthy appetite and he's growing wish I had a tape measurer.

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He finished his whole back leg. I hope the others come to shed soon. He's dark in color after shedding but as Deb avised me that he will keep changing till 2 years of age. He eats great only being here 5 days. Baths are helping since his leg shed.

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Thanks Lindz, happy vday to you too even though this day is not my type of thing. I'm not really going anywhere.

I just woke up and so did Broly so I'll talk later.

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Kami, I'm getting Castiel in the next day or two to bring home. This is Nathaniel's brother at the rescue, I'm so happy. Didi's tank is all clean and waiting for my new one. I'll post pics when I bring him home!

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Ok now I remember and to go off on his grams he is 16g as of this week will check on the 21st (Saturday). Put up a fight to get him on there so he didn't like the scale too much. But every dragon owner must weigh their dragon to
make sure weight is steady. Nervous about that 16..that was Alucard's first weight reading too then went down.
I hope Broly goes up.

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So violet laid eggs, weeks ago, she was doing very well , in the last 3 to 4 days her poop was more than runny . Haven't changed much in her diet , an appetite is very good. Should I be considering a parasites remedy as she does get bloated as soon as she starts to eat.
My baby beardie likes to sit in their water bowl. I'm curious on whether it would hurt them or not.

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