Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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Yeah in Alucard's case was too much vitamin but I may just not spray his food and dust instead see if that makes a difference. The vitamin spray may be emitting too much when it sprays. So I guess he's still working it out. Or the yellow bell pepper had a bit of vitamin and I added more with the spray.

I'll hold off on the vet for now. He's still healthy, but if it stays pink it's an issue. I can see the white in it so it's not full on pink. Yellow tinge at one point but that was dehydration so it's pink. Keeping an eye though.

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Im not trying to be mean here so don't take this wrong. Each lizard is a separate individual. Each reacts and interacts differently as I have found between Emmett and Geico. I used to compare the two all the time, I think looking for things in Emmett that I saw in Geico. To get my stress levels under control with Emmett I had to stop trying to compare the two. I see you doing what I was doing and all it accomplishes is keeping our stress up looking for things that may go wrong. Doing that does not allow us to enjoy what we have but keeps us focused on what was. If that makes any sense. Relax with him and enjoy him.

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No, be mean maybe I don't understand if you too nice.
It's an Asperger thing being focused on one bad thing from Alucard and forcing the issues to appear with Broly. Active, basking, eating and pooping is more than enough to ask for. He's fine and youre absolutely right! Stop it...thats what I need to do is stop it. Nothing is wrong...can't mistake illness this time I've seen it...parasites and worms I've read them...occasionally associates itself with runny/smelly poop (though not all of them). If I keep stressing I'll be sick and admitted to the hospital again. I can't let Broly down.

Thanks Auntie...I needed to quit...I can fix this pink urate.

He isn't Alucard, he's not sick, he came home bright eyed and well dark color but that could be stress. He's dark when cold or sees my hand other than that he's a ball if energy. Ohhh he yeah opens his mouth at my hand now... I think he's hitting puberty.

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I posted some pictures of Emily and Emmett yesterday. Emmett tore his house apart, I think spring fever is hitting him although its snowy here. I also posted some of Emily doing her housekeeping making a mess of things.

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So he pooped and the urate was white. He didn't poop Sat even though vitamin is Fri and Sat. If anything his vitamin issue should've worked out Sun and Mon. Well whatever as long as it gets normal at some point.

He had 10 roaches so getting better but not by much.
His front legs are both in shed and skin's coming off.

So he's going to get a bath in an hour.

I cleaned out both crickets and roaches tank, so they're spotless. Eggs are in the nursery to prevent death. I got one for the roaches too. So I two 20 gallons for the adults and two 14 gallons for their nursery.

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Ok I took it so the pic is sideways so excuse that but here is a pic...I don't know if he's thin or not my mom seems to think he isn't. i know stop freaking out like it's Al all over again..



He looks healthy, alert and active to me and good news that poop is back to normal. It is natural to be worried after experience with Alucard but try to relax and just enjoy him.

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Thank you, Nancy!

It's good he doesn't look thin.
I needed a second opinion.

He ate an egg well some so that should boost
his protein levels.

Cocoa my male cat is better.. I have two cats.

Cocoa has been very interested in Broly and although
he doesn't have any interest in attacking when Broly
moves outside the cage I still supervise them.

Malcolm my female does in fact try so I take her out when he's free roaming but Cocoa can stay. One cat is good at least.

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He looks like a normal healthy baby to me. Hes so cute. I would love to have another baby but, just don't have the room for another tank. As it is have Emilio on top of a small fridge I keep in their room, its unplugged as I don't need it for meds right now or supplements. Its for storage at the moment for their things that I can change out to make things a bit different in their tanks. So stop stressing hun, you will drive yourself nuts.

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Alright third opinion... Ok fourth as Tom said he looks chubby to him too.

He ate a piece of skin...what is he a leo gecko?
He just looks like Alucard. I miss that boy...wish
he was able to grow up.

Well thank you for the opinions I just needed another opinion than my mom's.

So 4 opinions of him looking healthy and not too thin. I can count my mom's too so 5.

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Broly doesn't look thin at all. He looks like a healthy baby.

I can totally understand your worries about him (I did the same with Gianna, comparing her and everything I was doing with her to her sister that I only had for a week), but like everyone already said, Broly isn't Alucard, so stop comparing his every move. You will stress yourself to no end.

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I think Im just psyched myself to seeing the illnesses and paranoid about him now. I just want to get back to not seeing anything wrong, because there isn't anything wrong.

Just needed opinions on him. I'm even more relaxed than I was with Alucard. Pink urate was concerning was all. Nevermind now, it's white again today. Thanks to everyone's opinion on him. It's a great reassurance he's

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Thank you Diane!

He's doing good. Not a fan of crix he only eats a small
amount. 10 roaches still so 20 all together today.

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I'm trying to get him to get to know me, I've done t-shirt, three nights in a row, snuggle at night four nights in a row..
Is there something Im doing wrong or is he just not wanting to be picked up at all? He doesn't like it and I don't chase.
I try to hand feed (so he can associate me with good things) but he just bolts anyway doesnt want food from me! This feels impossible, I want to take him out to meet my family but he doesn't want to give me or anyone a chance. He wants to bolt when he sees hands enter his home. I can get lucky and he'll let me hold him but that is rare. I'm not stressed at all..really just asking if this is normal. This Saturday will be week 2 with me and he just doesn't want me...hard to get him a bath unless I got him in the bowl already.

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