Tail rot?


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I got my bearded dragon 3 weeks ago and I’m not completely sure if has tail rot tell me asap!


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Zen , Ruby & Snicker Doodle
Agreed the tip is hiden, but if your talking about it in the area we can see, then no, that is nirmal for their tails to be darker at the end.


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I agree with Karrie
Believe it's tail shed..

Tail rot is when the tail blackens & attempts to fall off almost like a crested gecko except bearded dragons tails don't naturally come off like a crested gecko.

Crested Geckos tails can naturally tear off as they fend off predators.
My brother picked his up on accident while cleaning his tank
& his tail was dislodged...Lol
I got a kick out of it...
My brother kinda freaked out at the time.
Good thing he has a GF
She's a little more gentle on the little guy..
Its shedding but I need to see the end --- looking for nips bites or pinches something could cause tail ro

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