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Hi, i just got Puffs culture results back three days ago and it turns out she has a yeast infection inside her lungs along with the respiratory infection. The vet thinks the yeast infection couldve started from all the meds shes been taking. Shes on Ceftazidime (0.6 ML), Gentamicin & Saline mix (5ML of Sal & 1ML of Genta) once or twice a day, Marbofloxacin (0.15 ML), some anti inflammatory medication and now Trebinafine (0.02 ML) for the yeast. The vet i go to is a board certified reptile specialist, but is the Terbinafine the best treatment option for a lung yeast infection or is there something better ?

Just looking for other opinions, thanks

Drache613 Sicko
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Sorry to hear Puff has a yeast infection in her lungs. The medications have likely contributed to
the yeast infection issues.
The Terbinafine should work pretty well. Did the vet suggest doing any nebulizer treatments to
help out? Treating a lung infection is challenging & the nebulizer can really help out.
I wouldn't keep her on any of the medications for too long. Are you planning on giving probiotics


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Should we be concerned?

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