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  1. Dragondog45

    Help strange patch on Bearded dragon? Don’t know what it is

    Hello I have a young bearded dragon named Bowser. She is around 10 months old and has a diet of crickets, mealworms and veggies. I usually keep her humidity low but recently the weather has made her cage humid above 40%. I am getting a dehumidifier to fix the issue. I have noticed this weird...
  2. A

    Beardie not eating well

    Hey yall So i bought a bearded dragon in july. He was around 7 in and had a lot of health problems. Tail rot due to a nip and poor eating habits as well as a strange skin condition. I treated him with betadine and antifungals and the skin issues went away with shedding and have not returned...
  3. M

    Baby Beardie hasn’t eaten over a week; weird symptoms

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping someone out there can help me. I got my little guy Miko almost 2 weeks ago from PetSmart (yeah…I know not the best) and I started noticing some weird symptoms after a couple of days. Miko was estimated to be between 3-6 months old (baby) and he weights 8 grams. He hasn’t...
  4. O

    Beardie very cold when sleeping

    I got my beardie (Syd) over a year and a half ago and have had no major problems with any of his set up, he prefers the cool side of his tank but always goes to bask at least once during the day. The only health problems he’s had is an impaction a year ago and a current case of suspected...
  5. C

    Mature beardie - star gazing and black beard

    Help my rescued beardie who is 8 plus years old has suddenly started star gazing with a full black beard. Seems to be spasmed to the right. I managed to get him to poop and stomach feels empty his eyes still look fine and bright but if he tries to move he is close to rolling. The only recent...
  6. A

    New beardie, sick??

    Hello everyone! I just brought home this beardie a few days ago and am worried about the weird bumps and his discolored this normal? Any ideas?
  7. G

    5 month old Bearded dragon sick or dying??? Please help!!

    I have a 5 month old bearded dragon and something is very wrong. I have no idea what to do. 3 days ago I saw her bobbing her head up and down and knew she wasn’t okay. Her beard puffed up and became black and it looked like she was choking. She was still moving and after giving her drops of...
  8. Clause2021

    Think Babygirl has respiratory infection.

    My Aurorah (Ora for short), has been wheezing and now has a little cough as well. Sometimes it’s every 15 seconds for about 5 times. Then she won’t do it for an hour. Then it’ll be once a minute. She has been active, eating normally. Had crickets and went crazy for them-like usual. Then...
  9. M

    Concerning Blood work for beardie

    I’ve recently taken my beardie to the vet because I believe he started to have a seizure. He was flat belly and had his head back with his mouth wide open and puffed out beard. It lasted a couple seconds at most and it’s the first time he has done it. They did blood work and it basically says...
  10. Z


    I just adopted this little guy and he is so dehydrated and needs uv so bad. this is how I got him. im planning on getting the usb in a new thing with a reflector but also mount it inside his enclosure. Now I don't know if this thing was built for a beardie because there are no ramps to even...
  11. Z

    New Beardie with weird setup and a couple issues

    Hello! I just adopted a beard as a rehome and ive taken care of beardies before but I want second opinions. Birthday is unknown, The last owners had him for 2 years. They had an animal hoarding home to say the least. Now first thing I knew was he is D E H Y D R A T E D. they told me they brought...
  12. T

    Baby Beardie Bitten by 1 Year old Beardie on the Head. HELP!!!!!

    I need help really fast. I already own one beardie who is just over a year old and her name is mustard. I just got a new beardie yesterday (ketchup) who couldn't be more than 6 weeks old at the most. I was doing that thing where I took him over to the dogs and let them smell him etc to make them...
  13. J

    What should I do next?

    So my bearded dragon had not been eating or really moving much, he stays on his basking spot and doesn’t really move from there he hasn’t ate at all in like 3 days, I thought he was shedding because his tail is turning gray but he just doesn’t seem to healthy, I took them a nice little soak in...
  14. S

    Rescue bearded dragon MBD? rehabilitation

    Hello, I recently received a bearded dragon (my guess is she’s 4-6 months old?) she is a rescue. My neighbors asked if we wanted her.. we said yes.. when we got her she was in a 10 gallon tank and UVB light was burned out. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated. She was flat and sunken in...
  15. New Member: Meet Mushu!

    New Member: Meet Mushu!

    We just brought home our baby a few days ago. I just read the thread about beardies sleeping in weird positions. I was worried he was sick!
  16. M


    Hi. So i’ve had my beardie for about 3-4 months now and when i got her she had a toe hanging off. I brought her to the vet around two weeks after i got her. They amputated her toe and tip of her tail from it rotting. For the next couple months after that she was doing good. She started heaving...
  17. N

    Beardie not eating much or moving has lots of black mark

    Hi, My Beardie is about 11-12 months old (got him from a petco here and they did not have an exact age). We moved him into this larger tank as his size would dictate around the start of November. When we did he loved the size and was very active and eating. Around the first week or two of...
  18. Rogersdad

    Please help! blood in poop/lethargy/not eating

    So I am going to do the best I can to describe everything that is going on, and I will do my best to provide information on the tank, lighting etc.. Since I am at work it is fairly difficult to remember everything, however, I rescued my little roger from a pet store about 5 months ago when she...
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