1. My_Darling_Clementine

    I've rescued my first bearded dragon, and I need some advice.

    Hello, I am writing this post because of my beloved son. On March 3rd, I acquired Quasi the 5 year old bearded dragon for free off of Facebook. What his previous owners failed to mention in the post were his major spinal deformities, giving him an unnatural hunch in his spine. It's likely...
  2. S

    Questions about weight

    My little rescue girl, Lemon, is about eight years old (according to her previous owner), and came to us looking very emaciated and malnourished, dehydrated, and pretty much unable to move around because of muscle atrophy and MBD. She was living in a too-small setup with repticarpet, a single...
  3. Shard

    There's a Dragon in the Garage

    Don't startle the dragon in the garage. That's what my siblings told one another, probably for around two to three months. Don't go in the garage. But we were moving soon, and I had to go through there to get something outside... Hey, I'm Shard. I'm technically not new, but I haven't visited...
  4. K

    Yoshimi's story!!

    I got my beardie, Yoshi, in September. This little lizard has been through it all. My aunt is a humane agent and she found Yoshi starved, in a filthy tiny tank alongside her brother in an abuse investigation. We weren't sure if either of them was going to make it because of how awful they...
  5. E

    Quick question about yeast infection | Also update

    Hi, i just got Puffs culture results back three days ago and it turns out she has a yeast infection inside her lungs along with the respiratory infection. The vet thinks the yeast infection couldve started from all the meds shes been taking. Shes on Ceftazidime (0.6 ML), Gentamicin & Saline mix...
  6. E


    Hi, this is an update on the bearded dragon i rescued a month ago. We decided to name her jiggly puff because her beard is big lol. She now weighs 542-550 grams and were still doing critical care but every other day. I still have to kind of force the food carefully into her mouth but she takes...
  7. GojiBerry

    Rescue dragon

    I picked up a rescue dragon yesterday. The place I collected him from said he was about 18 months old and they weren’t sure of his history other than he’d been housed with another dragon and likely neglected. You can see from the photos that his leg has been bitten right through although it has...
  8. E

    SF Bay Area Beardie needs rehoming

    Hello, We have a one year-old bearded dragon and unfortunately we are realizing he will not be able to travel to college with our daughter. His name is Stewie and he is in great health and has a beautiful enclosure. We would love to rehome him with the right person!
  9. HippieLizards

    Eyes glued shut on new emaciated baby rescue that was abandoned.

    Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve visited this site, but I’ve had an unexpected turn of events. For some context, on Tuesday night I found a Facebook post about a landlord who had discovered a baby beardie that was abandoned in a trailer that their tenets just left behind. They...
  10. S

    I need some help identifying her morphs

    I figured she's at least a citrus, but that's all I know She has a mixture of stripes, spots, and diluted blue bars When we first got her she was white with vibrant red orange stripes
  11. Chanel12

    Home needed for 2 rescues Baltimore

    I rescued 2 beardies from a co-habitation housing. I was told Beardie 1 is about a year old. Beardie 2 is an tiny baby (no more than a few months). They both seem alert and friendly. I am only able to keep them temporarily. I am willing to drive anyone within 3 hours (will meet halfway if...
  12. D

    Beardie Rescue Volunteer request

    I am a foster for a local (Olympia, WA area) small animal rescue (Tiny Tails and Scales). I have volunteered to sew some bow ties or other "fashion statements" for bearded dragons and the other small critters this rescue serves. The purpose would be to use such props for photographing critters...
  13. D

    I found a bearded dragon.

    My aunt passed away, and she had a bearded dragon. Well, mine now. Anyways, his name is Rango, (short for, My Durango, #95) when I inherited Rango he was in pretty bad shape. Keep in mind now, I've never even heard of a bearded dragon before now. Some of his tale is missing, I found out that he...
  14. B

    picky eater

    i’ve got a four-year-old bearded dragon named Safira and the people that I got her from didn’t switch her diet as she got older and now refuses to eat anything but live worms and roaches. I can sometimes get her to take a bite of a strawberry or piece of prickly pear but she won’t eat it on the...
  15. K

    Does My Rescue Have Yellow Fungus?

    Long story but I feel like its important to get all in. I got a bearded dragon from my friend who had him for about a year, she had got him from a breeder who had him for about 1 1/2 years. My friend didn’t do much research on beardies and unintentionally had the guy in pretty bad conditions. I...
  16. S

    Rescue bearded dragon MBD? rehabilitation

    Hello, I recently received a bearded dragon (my guess is she’s 4-6 months old?) she is a rescue. My neighbors asked if we wanted her.. we said yes.. when we got her she was in a 10 gallon tank and UVB light was burned out. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated. She was flat and sunken in...
  17. dogndragonmom


    We rescued Cheech in mid November. He is about 3 years old and his vet check showed he is a healthy lil guy. He has been going to bed this past week about 2 hours before lights out and today he stayed in his hide this morning, where be is usually up and ready to be fed. He came out once...
  18. Elliot Il Drago

    Beardie on Craigslist

    Hello there! I saw a post on Craigslist for a bearded dragon in Kissimmee, FL who needs to be rehomed. I wasn’t sure how legitimate it was so I wrote to them and they said that the little one was from Kegler’s Critters, and his clutch name was Two-Bit. I’m still not convinced it’s legitimate...
  19. S

    Bearded dragon eats minimally, lethargic for over 7 months

    Hi, So I took in a bearded dragon about 2-3 months ago. Owner was my neighbor and could not longer care for him - she was telling me she couldn't find a home for him and was going to let him outside so I said absolutely not and took him in. Owner told me she did not know how old he was because...
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