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  1. E

    Quick question about yeast infection | Also update

    Hi, i just got Puffs culture results back three days ago and it turns out she has a yeast infection inside her lungs along with the respiratory infection. The vet thinks the yeast infection couldve started from all the meds shes been taking. Shes on Ceftazidime (0.6 ML), Gentamicin & Saline mix...
  2. E


    Hi, this is an update on the bearded dragon i rescued a month ago. We decided to name her jiggly puff because her beard is big lol. She now weighs 542-550 grams and were still doing critical care but every other day. I still have to kind of force the food carefully into her mouth but she takes...
  3. B

    Baby beardie

    Just had a clutch of baby beardie's born. This one fully came out of the egg, but was still attached to it. Now it's fully out and looks like it's organs are on the outside of the body. Not just a prolapse, but like fully out. There's basically a huge red ball coming out of it's stomach. We...
  4. Casey C

    Head Swelling Post Surgery

    Hey all! It’s my first post on any forum really however I feel it necessary to see if anyone else has gone through something similar. My Beardie, Storm who is 11 years old recently went through her first clutch of infertile eggs. She only passed 1 before needing surgery to remove the remaining...
  5. tori51498

    Help! Baby Beardie's arm is completely loose!

    Hi! Yesterday my 3-month-old baby beardie, Boba, front right arm got smashed! Boba's front arm drags and looks completely loose. His fingers on that arm still move but when he walks his arm just drags across the ground! He seems to be in pain because he tries to bite when I pick him up. There...
  6. C

    Help with my dragons tail

    My dragon is 3 I just got her 2 months ago trying to see if this is normal or if this is something to be worried about and what to do to help her
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