1. franklinsbiggestfan

    Care while treating parasites?

    My bearded dragon, Franklin, was taken to the vet with concerns of mouth rot. She was cleared for mouth rot and instead suggested to have early signs metabolic bone disease from her previous owners which caused a slight underbite. She has a lot of saliva buildup on the sides of her mouth. I...
  2. A

    New baby beardie- coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes

    I recently acquired a new baby beardie about 3 weeks ago. Took her to our exotic vet to get a fecal done and she tested positive for coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes. The vet prescribed panacur, ponazuril, and metronidazole all at .02 dosages. She is 29 grams, about 11-12 weeks old. Is...
  3. H

    Help bearded dragon gasping and gapping

    Ive had my bearded dragon for about 6 years. A couple months ago i took him to the vet because he had been gasping or gaping for a few week and i was afraid he had a respiratory infection. The vet did tests and said he didnt have an infection but he did have arthritis and gave me pain...
  4. M

    Swelling but kidney and liver function fine

    My 2 year old has developed swollen limbs which have impaired mobility and he has reduced appetite and excretion. Following x-rays the Vet has said this is due to "efflusions" in the joints. It was expected that this would be caused by gout and possible kidney problems however the blood tests...
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