1. E

    Fatty liver confusion

    Hi, my bearded dragon that i rescued in August of 2023 just had exploratory surgery yesterday. They did bloodwork before surgery and it came back all healthy even the liver showed to be fully functioning and healthy. The doctor found a cyst on her liver during the surgery and also said the liver...
  2. IzayahL

    Bearded Dragon is wobbling when walking

    Hello, Ive noticed that my 3 year old Beardie Supra is suddenly wobbling when hes walking and very unstable. Sometimes he will also go in a circle on his left side before walking straight. I have booked a vet appointment but I wasnt able to get one til the 15th of March. Im not sure if its...
  3. M

    two beardies seeing eachother

    i have two beardies, one significantly younger than the other, the oldest, hades, is five years old, and the younger one, zeus, is around 8 months (i think?) they both have their own enclosures of course, but there will be times where i will look at the two and notice hades bobbing his head and...
  4. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Why do bearded dragons have "cheeks"?

    Just curious
  5. E

    Quick question about yeast infection | Also update

    Hi, i just got Puffs culture results back three days ago and it turns out she has a yeast infection inside her lungs along with the respiratory infection. The vet thinks the yeast infection couldve started from all the meds shes been taking. Shes on Ceftazidime (0.6 ML), Gentamicin & Saline mix...
  6. Tigger_14


    Does anyone know if putting a little waterfall in the tank will help with not only enrichment but encourage to drink water? She wont drink from the tap her bowl dripping on her nose or in her baths or if i tap the water in her bath to move it around Would a mini waterfall be worth it?
  7. xMaxthekidd

    Is Air dry clay okay for beardies?

    my bearded dragon keeps hanging out on the opposite end of my tank from the bulb and I think he needs a hideout. (The beardie in question is actually my brother’s and we don’t have a hide yet.) I was wondering if air dry clay would be an effective medium to sculpt one from? I would seal it of...
  8. BeckHansen

    Black markings!

    Ive got black markings under her beard. This is a travel tank. Not her permanent setup so dont kill me lol. Im really worried about this. Im wondering if its just apart of her morph?
  9. Tigger_14


    I got mealworms a week or 2 ago and there shedding and everything but im noticing 2-3 are white worms now as they werent white before what does this mean? Photo for refrense this is what they look like none of them were white when i got them
  10. T

    Opening The Mouth

    Hello, first time reptile owner looking for answers. So I’ve had my BD for a couple of months now. I’ve handled him many times before, but recently he’s been opening his mouth and seems scared whenever I try to reach for him. He’s never really done that before and I’m not sure if it means...
  11. S

    I need some help identifying her morphs

    I figured she's at least a citrus, but that's all I know She has a mixture of stripes, spots, and diluted blue bars When we first got her she was white with vibrant red orange stripes
  12. I

    Is it ok to wave at my beardy bobbing his head

    So I'm sewing my beardy a harness/sweater and while I was putting it on him for measurements he got stressed and started bobbing his head. He never does this, ever, he is amazingly well tempered, he isn't skittish or aggressive and is very comfortable around me(I've had him for 5 months), the...
  13. K

    UVB Bulb Blew Cant and Get One for 2-3 Days

    Hi all! I just adopted a 5 month old bearded dragon this week but had a work emergency and had to leave town. My friend who cares for other reptiles was willing to watch her for me. I set her up with all her proper heating and lighting but after I drove 4 hours away for work, I got a text that...
  14. Gyrffinthedragon


    I have a 5 to 6 month old bearded dragon and he has been shedding lately. So far he’s only shed his head arms and tail but his main trunk has not shed it’s very dark and there’s parts of it that I could peel but I’m afraid to peel him. I’ve been giving him soaks and misting him. I am having...
  15. A

    Inside of throat

    Okay so this may be a really stupid question, but every little thing worries me so I wanna make sure this isn’t a cause for concern. My beardie was on his basking rock, gaping after eating. I noticed inside his throat there is black lines. They’re small, thin black lines and what isn’t black...
  16. JayTheDragonTamer

    Tempered Glass. How important is it?

    I mentioned this in my Custom viv thread in the DIY section, but I figure I’m much more likely to get a response here. I’d like to hear your option on using tempered glass vs un-tempered glass for a viv. All the enclosures I have owned before have been tempered, and I understand that there are...
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