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My 5 month beardie has come in contact with raid by skin hes acting weird hes twitching but it happens every now and then i gave me a bath and scrubbed him with a extra soft toothbrush of his own what do i do!???

Claudiusx Sicko
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If he is still acting off and sickly, you can give him some of the activated charcoal. It might upset his stomach so try not to give too much. If you can mix it in a slurry and give him a few drops of the mix, it will hopefully absorb any toxins he's ingested.


Claudiusx Sicko
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Ok, that would work. No, I wouldn't give him the aloe vera.

Make sure your husbandry (lighting mainly) is up to par too. A symptom of low absorption of calcium is shaking also. Having proper lighting and temps will help him recover anyways if he did ingest the Raid.


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