drank baby oil!! Please answer me with anything you might kn

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I accidentally gave my beardie baby oil instead of mineral oil. Is this bad? is she ok? She licked about 3 drops off her nose. She drank a lot of water after wards. PLEASE HELP


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Gosh I don't know if this could be bad for them. if you only gave it 3 drops i would guess it would be ok but i really don't know. a monitor should move this to the beardie ER section.


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Your beardie should be fine. Baby oil is just an other name for mineral oil. Unless it is used as a shampoo or something then it may have fragrances in it. However it was only 3 drops.


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I'm confused, your other thread said she drank mineral oil. Did she drink baby oil or mineral oil? One has fragrance and possibly other ingredients, but the other doesn't.


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In your other post you said "help, my beardie drank mineral oil"...but you're the one who gave it to her...
Why would you give her something and then ask for help about it????

Makes no sense. If the "baby oil" has frangrance you're probably in trouble. But if not, it'll pass just make her poop runny...which is what it's meant to do. Mineral oils purpose is to help constipated people.

Don't give your beardie anything without knowing the effects first. Ever.
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