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Wow, he does look pretty good for his age!
You can blend up the greens into a slurry so it is
easier to digest for him.
Denmark I imagine is hard to source some things.
Do you order most things online?
I agree with AHBD, at his age, I wouldn't worry about
upgrading his tank size. You don't need to make any
big changes for him, so it doesn't cause him any
undue stress. What you have been doing has been
working so just focus on getting his system working
better & helping him heal.

I got a critical care formula from the vet. Feeding him a bit of that everyday. I offer him a waxworm too but hes not interested in them at the moment.
I order almost everything online. Theres a great site who gives me good advice and has nice feeders in stock which is pretty lucky. The only thing that is hard to come by are the terrariums and tables for them.

It's not something im gonna spring on doing within the next few weeks but eventually i would like to give him something bigger.
I would at least like to get him an outdoor "cage"?. Like a small wire/mesh thing so that he can enjoy the sun and the grass the two days a year Denmarks temperatures reach above 25c...

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