Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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He ate 4 crix (so not a fan of these guys)..,after that gave him a butterworm...(only 1) after that 6 pheonix. He was happy with that. Still pooping (everything good there cept for vitamin days LOL as urates are pink the next day but whatever they go back to white after it works itself out).

Still happy he eats anything I give him. Still runs from me sometimes thats ok though, we'll work on it. When he is out...he likes to antagonize Malcolm so he doesn't let her do anything to him.. He likes Cocoa. I cleaned my cricket and roach keepers out and the main breeding tanks. I refilled the food in the main breeders and keepers. So no dead bodies or too much poop.

My female betta lying eggs (infertile) not trying a male.
She's lying a lot I wonder if she's like Puff. No joke intended.

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Question all:

I have been doing crickets as you know..and feeding them their food and it has calcium in it..also been supplementing calcium on food..

Now I'm not saying he's ill with hypo or hypercalcmia, in fact I ask because I want to prevent it. I want healthy kidneys and stuff.

So the real question is: is this too much calcium?

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No, the amount of calcium the crickets take in is tiny, so keep giving him the calcium 5x a week and feed him as much as he'll eat in a 15 minute period.

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Thank you so much, Deb! I read hypercalcmia and stuff and I thought I'd ask because I thought it was too much.

Thanks for the info. I'll keep feeding them their food and supplementing.

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I wake up to Broly, usually to pick up poop but only urate, which I had not realized the actual poop on the crocodile skull. So he must've ran around squeezed out urate and then in the process of squeezing poop he let it out on the skull. I'm not sure if that's how it went but that's what I think. I was asleep.

He ate 15 crix ...I timed 15 minutes and that's all he ate, 15. I let 3 crix go at a time in a bowl to prevent escapees in the tank. Whatever, he got protein.

Hes still in the process of shedding because it's not ready to get off. So we'll see how long this takes.

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Heya all...

I have never seen this and researched like crazy.

I think it's normal tell me if it's not.
His poop was coated was just white
I crushed bad smell and regular color inside.
Now what could that be? What the heck is it? Been normal
till today. Is this something to be concerned about? It was regularly formed like all others just encased. Morning poop was weird as just the urate was disconnected from poop which can happen so I thought nothing of it. But this one, Idk.

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All of mine had at one time or another a poop that was covered by a white membrane. I never worried about it since the poop itself was normal.

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Ok thank you Gina! Honestly, wasnt too concerned unless it was serious according to anyone who said so. But glad it isn't serious just thought I'd spill my thoughts and see if it was. Yeah it was normal just white.

He still eats and basks occasionally run around scratching on the walls. Hes resting at the moment. He seems to be having an off day today. Wants to sit at his basking spot but he ate twice, I think some dinner but I wasn't watching.

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Cleaned out Broly's tank so I'm gonna get my laundry done and throw in his carpet under hot water so wash with towels.

Pooped (not white this time). As usual, picked it up but now it's one too many times he pooped on the carpet so
replaced it. I need to really potty train him, it'd be great. He knows I bathe him every other day. He poops as soon as he gets warmed up. So maybe every other day 9a baths (lighs on at 8a).

I gotta get rolling I need to shower before my friend gets here. She wants me to go to lunch with her and her boyfriend. Then I have another friend get together Friday, a wedding on Sunday. Broly is actually coming with'll be sunny and warm where the wedding is. The groom wants Broly to be there as he treats pets as kids so Broly is the child I want to take. Also the groom built a wire mesh cage as uvb is blocked by screen, plastic and glass. The holes are big enough to let uvb not get filtered out but big enough to prevent Broly from getting out. So thats my plan.

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His back leg is shedding finally. How long does it take till they start shedding after they lose color? He really is shedding I see the shed lines underneath too.

He hasn't or won't poop today. He ate 32 roaches so he should gain more grams. We'll see what he is on Saturday.

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He finally shed! Hes a lighter color now, light orange.
My charger fizzed so Im waiting for tonight. Mom is supposed to bring me a charger. I'll show you pics when I get my phone a charger, conserving my power so no pix right now.

He also pooped.

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So my phone is a jerk now and won't post pics...I'm gonna hook it to Tom's computer and see if there is something wrong with it.

Broly ate baby food turkey with his crix and vitamin on them.

My older brother, Steve is coming for the weekend to go shooting with my dad and youngest (19 years old). So I can still be on because he's coming to shoot. When he's home we do family time.

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