Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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Ok this time he already pooped, double checked and he is now 24 grams!

I can't talk too long my phon's battery is draining faster than it ever was...old battery I suspect.

This is awesome he's 24 and was 20 last week.

I even double checked.

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24 is awesome even though he pooped again after I weighed so maybe 22 now LOL. <-- was on Saturday.

Phone still being a pain so luckily got a kindle to watch YouTube and stuff. It's a drainer too but whatever.
It doesn't mind being charged so often.. My iphone does

He ate 24 crix getting mustards for lunch.

So I never told you guys...he has some tail nips on his tail so he has missing scales. He came home with the scales missing... They healed nicely though so no worries.

I'm gonna try to post a picture of him but not many as my phone is a PITA... You know. So I can't read or write too long anymore. I have to keep my phone till next year (free upgrade to iPhone 6). Just one more year I can handle it.

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As promised picture of him on crappy phone.

Sorry he's stressed over phone...:roll:.

Also is it normal for his femoral pores to darken? I forget if Vash had dark ones or not. They just started to darken today.

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I suppose it is normal for his pores to be dark.

I hope you all enjoyed the picture. I'll be getting more
soon enough after I get my phone to cooperate.

He did eat 24 crix already also fed them didnt clean them out yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Not feeling so well, like under the weather. Flu I believe so my gerbil got moved to my parents room. They dont mind it as long as I wash my hands and put on my mask and take care of him. I'm getting more rest though. My sister has been taking care of Broly (she has to come in to my room to feed Broly). Mom hates bugs so my sister does bug feedings. She's using the correct supplement for the day. My brother feeds the fish and my eel. I got the cat still because Cocoa decided he'd live in my room so there's food and cat box (hated cat box when Mickey was around) so my door is open so he goes outside my room. Malcom lives here too but she likes to try to catch Broly so she goes out.

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Flu sucks but at least it's a vacation from dishes LOL.

He ate some collards for lunch, my sister decided to top it with blueberry baby food. He liked it but hated to get his face wiped. Hissed and ate some tissue paper. Now I'm not worried about that, Vash did it and the paper came out wrapped around the poop. So we'll keep an eye out on that.

Gave my vet a fecal last week, I think it was Thursday the 12th. Idk if it's ready I didnt call him. Might be ready.

Thanks Lindz.

Gonna get more rest and fluids. My sister passed the flu to me so whatever. Ice cream isn't good for that but it makes me feel better.

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So I fed him already has his calcium. I feel better so not so tired and achey. Still keeping the gerbil out till I am 100% back to normal.

I really didn't sleep too well. I kept waking up for no reason throughout the night. I'm pretty sure not too stressed or worried about anything. I guess just one of those nights. I had my CPAP too so that wasn't it. I'm going to replace the mask soon though.

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Holy crap all!

I go out and get a few things, like a chopper for his greens and stuff.

Anyway, I get home pick up poop and on the log (that dried so did my best), I go to lift him and I see a patch of yellow my thought immediately was fungus on his tail! So I bathe and scrub the area and it was old scales together as a patch. As they come off, his tail is white with the yellow scales still on him that would not come off, but less than before. It's all scales while mom was on the phone calling the vet (which I said no). I didn't know at first, I mean I saw yellow and my mind was racing hoping it's not. My heart was racing fast...I didnt even see any yellow last night. So seeing it today freaked me out. I didnt know what to think.
But it's all good, he's mad at me because I gave him a bath today when I did it yesterday. Also pulled a hair out of his wasn't wrapped around anything in his inside (thank god). I would run to the vet if it was. Whew! Not any fungus at all. Im not stressed anymore, so we're good.

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After your dealings with Al & fungus, it's normal to panic, I do it myself whenever I see anything out of the ordinary. Just glad it wasn't anything but old scales. And he is such a cutie pie, looking forward to more pictures.

I hope you feel better soon, there's alot of flu going around. Resting, fluids, resting is what you need to do. It's probably why you didn't sleep well, either. So feel better, soon, k?

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My mom suggested bath first to see if it was what we are dealing with.

I'm so glad he's not getting sick. Even pristine tanks he can get ill but humidity is what causes something gross like URI, Bacterial/fungal infections. Pretty much why the people on the health/beardie er ask what is your humidity.

He didn't even shed there yet which is weird because I thought after shedding causes old scales that don't come off. The rest of his underside is white, no where else.

Yeah seeing something almost bad didn't help get better.

Now we know it isnt I can get back to getting better. Rest and fluids. Thanks Deb! He doesn't sleep if I tell him no like Alucard did. He'd sleep at 4pm if he was out of his tank I found that odd. Broly doesnt though, he's up all day till about 8pm then starts falling asleep. Lights out at 9.

You're right after Al put me through black fungus and cancer in his stomach. It's an obsession to keep him well. Freak out if I see a wrong color on him.


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you're not alone freaking out over any mark i have a jewelers scope 10x magnification and check over my little guy (at his rate im not sure how much longer im gonna be able to say that lol) with it if anything looks out of the ordinary

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Kenshin! You're back!

Yeah, after my 2nd short lived dragon who had the grossest thing ever, I make sure Broly doesnt turn out that way.

So I went out of town for a safari park with my mom and sister. I left greens and a paper towel for him. I came home and he pooped on the paper towel!! I never even trained him to do that. I'm glad I did that or it'd be everywhere!

It was fun at the safari and Im glad I cleaned the cat boxes and water changed the fish tanks this morning... I'm too tired to deal with them now. I fed Broly his roaches (crix need growing again). I'll wake up at 8pm and turn off his uvb and then at 9 again to put him to bed. I did see a tiny dot on Broly's tail that has never grown or spread in anyway over the course of two weeks. Still there and looks like a beardie freckle as some say (it's not fungal I know what those look like now). I already asked the vet what it could be he said beardie freckle and since it's so faint looking you almost can't even see it and it's been like that. He can't really take a skin sample it's almost not even there or it's under shed. As far as he's concerned, if it doesn't grow or spread or change in some form of way it should be harmless. I look at it every day since then to see changes in the very tiny dot. Still very small and has never bothered to change. I think he's right may be a beardie freckle.


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yea it is pretty cool when they do something like that it shows how smart they really are

my little guy surprised me today he actually enjoyed his bath and didn't act like i dipped him into an acid bath he even stayed in for a full 20 min

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I had yet again scrub yellow scales off the end of his tail this time. I haven't weighed him yet. Can't see any bones in him so his diet is ok. He looks skinny but not badly. I think he just flattens out a lot more. Must like the heat. When I see him run around he has a belly there is space between his stomach and his back unlike Alucard had ( which was no space it was like his back was directly connected to his tummy they were so close to each other like he never ate). So I got fecal results back and he's clear. Found my lost cricket in Broly's bathtub. Cleaned the tank because this time they killed each other so I got the dead ones out and is a clean cricket keeper. Did both cric and roach main breeding tanks yesterday. I did both critter keepers today.

So Drache613 (Tracie) is now Broly's aunt. So that was a cool treat that she agreed. I asked her ladt night.

So because of the cagemates bites he has trouble shedding previous sheds there in the middle and end where the scales turn yellow and collect in a patch. So luckily, I do have cocoa butter from Alucard and will use it on his tail at night so it soaks in.

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