Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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Do you take the temps right on the basking spot? That's where you know what the real temps are for him. So if it's 112 under the light, it's probably less where he basks, so that's why he's so comfy there. Makes compete sense.

Cierra didn't eat as many crickets this am, she's up to 256g, I'm just thrilled. She's got this huge belly now, gave her a bath but no poop, but she's getting a daily bath right now as her urates are very hard. Hopefully that will change soon.

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Yeah, under the bulb is 112+ but the basking spot is 100-110. I didnt mean to put the probe there. I'm half awake when I turn lights on so I never see what I'm doing. Sometimes he even moves it. I don't know how to work the timer or it's not working it was plugged in and stuff I don't know. I just will manually get up and turn them on. It does make sense why he's completely comfortable when the probe is under the bulb itself so obviously it's not more than 110. Sometimes he sits UNDER the bulb..not more than 3 seconds though.

Hope Cierra gets soft urates soon.

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I fed him his bugs before I took a relaxing bath. I've been so much relaxed lately. There's not much to say I do YouTube to unwind at the end of each night or TV. I do try to turn them off once I find myself drifting off, so either my phone or TV is left on all night if I don't get to them.

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After Alucard has passed on and Broly much more healthy there's no reason to worry unless I see Broly looking sick.
Humidity levels are totally awesome that I shouldn't have to deal with fungals or RI problems. I said shouldnt not won't.

Last time I ever let Cocoa help me with cricket cage changing...I don't know how many escaped but it isn't more than 7-8.. I got 5 back. I know I know..stupid idea to let him be here. He did tip the tank over well the cricket keeper (not main cricket tank there's thousands). Hopefully I find more before mom sees any and finds out they're loose.

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If they're found yes they'll die but I'm sure I can get more tomorrow colony is up now so no big loss.

He just pooped and some smell...but I know he's clear well it is March so sometime again test for the buggies. I took it out of my room so I don't psych myself into thinking I smell parasite/worm poop. Pretty sure it smelled normal..I would know...can't mistake parasite/worm smell.

Ps: caught cricket number 6! Now I have six.

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I've found out that eating crickets can cause stinky poops, even though they're clear. Same with Cierra, she eats alot of crickets, yet she had a fecal and she's clear. I've heard others say the same with crickets, so that would be the cause.

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Thanks Deb, they do smell with the crickets.
Makes sense everyone says crickets stink anyway.

He pooped and no smell today. I found my banded cricket colony is up and running. I got allergies today also. My roaches are up and running too. I got waxworms...I know use them as a treat not a staple they are fatty. Is once a week 1 worm ok? These are mini waxworms from a friend.

Tom is coming over this weekend so Zim is coming by too. Still no Y. fungus on him. Also Zim is up so bye brumation.

Is it normal for dragons to shed parts of the their tails without the whole tail going into shed? I found out that only the end of his tail was shedding but the rest wasn't.

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Yes, it's normal. And yes, crickets stink. Wish we had locusts in Canada & the States, but I'm not aware we have them for our dragons. That's why we use dubia roaches, they're good for beardies, too.

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We don't get locusts here, I think they're illegal in Oregon I could be wrong. We're allowed dubias. I started a 1 waxworm per week deal, not to get him fatter or anything but to spoil like eveyone else does. Tom spoils his Invader Zim with hornworms. Still need to measure Broly I don't know his length. But at least I keep track of his weight. Saturday we'll find out if he grew more than one gram.

Zim is 16" so hes a big boy and hes not mine, he's Tom's but I know his dragon's length.

Also seems hes going to shed his back.

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His back still isn't ready...that's ok.

But he is dark in shed so he's a dark shedder.
Sure didnt take him long to finish his tail.
Any shed he does it's less than 4 hours to finish.
So he is quick at starting and finishing his sheds.
We'll see how long his back is taking to start and

He ate 80 pheonix (yeah spoiled him) and endive.
He ate some arugula as well but I don't think he liked
the taste too much. Had some apples yesterday for his lunch and fruitflies (12).

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Holy crap all hes 22g!!!

I was expecting 19..not sure if he's holding poop in but he's more than 1g. I didn't feed him yet! I hope he grows more next Saturday and that 22 wasn't false. We'll see next week. He sure does not look 22g.

Poop was contributing hes really 20!

I see why you guys test after poop.

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Keep feeding him, he'll be bigger before you know it. The more he eats, the more he'll gain, which is good for him! Well done!

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