Angie, Loki, Laura & Dozer (new pics 03/29/15)

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I wanted to introduce everyone to our new girl. She is on her way now from Denver, CO. Here's the tracking # if anyone wants to follow her flight: We have chosen the name Angeline (Angie for short) which means "messenger of God." I will post some new pictures tomorrow but these are the ones we have so far. She is part leatherback.

Here she is when Laszlo brought her home from the pet store on Feb 17th, 2012.


Here she is eating a small dubia roach.





Goonie Sicko
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So now Laura pouts as well when you're not home? I wonder if Angie taught her that ;)

Dozer is probably going into hibernation soon.

Is Loki still awake?

diamc Sicko
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You're right Gina, Angie is a good teacher. Showed her how to scatter her greens (and sweet potato baby food) all over her tank and now, the fine art of POUTING. What a big sister she has turned out to be. :laughing6:

I think Dozer tired himself out trying to move the closet. Guess he walked all over the place. It is so cute watching him bask on his slate tile, back legs out flat as well as his front legs, just looking totally content. He sure likes his greens & a small piece of fruit on the top to get his attention. Love watching him eat. :D

Loki is quite lazy too although he doesn't get a 3 hr nap like Angie does in the afternoons, he dozes in his tank. Josh has been putting him to bed earlier though which is a good idea.

Is anyone awake in your household besides Zim?

Goonie Sicko
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That Angie, teaching Laura the naughty things that she does :laughing6:

Buddy used to try to open up doors, especially to my bedroom because it's always open except when he's being adventurous. One day, I kept hearing pounding noises coming from the end of the hall, and I couldn't figure out what could be doing that (lost track of where Buddy was). When I finally went to investigate, he was trying to to push open the door with his head, like a battering pole. Of course, I cracked up and moved him, but then he just went right back to the door. Stubborn little bugger he was.

Pookie is still up and ready to go every morning, but does close his eyes for a few minutes during the day. He is also ready to hunker down for the night much earlier.
Digi is still getting up in the morning as well, and would stay perched on the alligator most of the day. She would eat a few pieces of greens about every other day.
MoMo had been pretty much non-existent for the past month. She was coming out of the cave about twice a week, but the past week and a half, she'd been staying put inside Digi's cave, with an occasional head sitting by the cave opening.
Squirt had been napping a lot during the day, and would hunker down for night-night about 7pm. He would only get up in the morning if I remove his blankie, otherwise he'd sleep the day away.
Gianna can't decide what she wants to do. Poor girl is so restless, and would go from being wide awake and antsy to near comatose in either her cave or under the Lego shelf that her tree branch sits on.

If it wasn't for Pookie being up and about, this house would be near silent during the day.

diamc Sicko
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There's nothing like the thump, thump, thump that a tortoise/turtle makes when they're trying to open or rearrange something and they don't give up either. :mrgreen: Can just picture Buddy doing that. He was one determined guy, even to get into those couch cushions just as he preferred too. :p

Dozer makes such a racket trying to get situated just right in his viv before bed, has to have an area completely clear of the substrate but yet wants it all pushed up around him just right. He is below Laura's tank and I kept hearing the thumping of his shell hitting the side of the viv for at least 1/2 hr so I thought I'd see if he was keeping Laura awake. I very quietly got a flashlight and shined it in her tank, she was looking right at me wide-eyed as if to say "will you PLEASE make him be quiet, lizard trying to go to sleep here!" :laughhard: I had to laugh and I was just about to set Dozer down on a towel in his viv when he quieted down.

Sounds like here with Pookie, Digi & Squirt being awake in the morning but yet closing their eyes for a snooze. Wow, MoMo is really out. Gianna must be confused about the whole brumation thing. Bet she'd be more active if Pookie was. I don't like the quiet either. :roll:

How are Callie & Zim doing?

Goonie Sicko
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diamc":1bqg1zo9 said:
I very quietly got a flashlight and shined it in her tank, she was looking right at me wide-eyed as if to say "will you PLEASE make him be quiet, lizard trying to go to sleep here!" :laughhard:
I can imagine how displeased Laura was over all of the noise that her downstairs neighbor was making. Wouldn't it be funny if she told on him to Angie? :lol:

I have to update Pookie's thread in a few. Lots of momentous stories to tell.

diamc Sicko
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She'll be calling the cops on her downstairs neighbor one of these nights. :mrgreen: I don't think Angie hears him but wouldn't put it past Laura to squeal on him.

Can't wait to read your momentous stories. :wink:

zandi202 Addict
Poor Laura. I guess she's not lucky like me in that I'm a heavy sleeper. Though I don't know if I could go to sleep while he's thump-thump-thumping around. It's like living in an apartment and the neighbor won't shut up/is always doing something loud and annoying. I don't think I could ever do an apartment. I hope Laura starts to get used to the sound, maybe even make it her lullaby? :lol:

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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I've seen it a few times and it makes me laugh every time. I'm now wondering if any of mine would do the same thing. Will have to try it when I have time :lol: Sure, when I have wonder when that would be? :mrgreen:

So has Dozer settled down any? Or is Laura still up in arms about the noise? You have some great characters in your household :wink:

Goonie Sicko
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I love that video. None of mine would do that; as a matter of fact, they'd probably try to eat my tongue :laughhard:

diamc Sicko
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Thought I would post some pictures. Some of you may have seen a few on FB.

I'll start with Dozer. He has settled in very well and eats a pile of greens daily that is bigger than him. :eek: He loves walking around and getting cuddles. He even rubs noses with us. :lol: He also loves getting his face wiped off with a Q-tip and turns his head from side to side for Paul to get all areas. He has discovered the cat bed and will take a nap there on heated corn bags.

He also loves climbing.

Very curious about the Christmas packages.

He didn't mind posing for this picture at all. :mrgreen: (I didn't notice the greens residue until I downloaded the pictures)

Loki is very tired but still eats a few supers in the morning. He enjoyed checking out the presents and tried to eat the candy cane wrapping paper. :laughing6:

Laura is doing very well. She's still trying to figure out what exactly Dozer is.

Her cricket belly.

Boy, can she run and loves swimming in the plastic tub. Notice all the ripples from her swimming motions.

Here she's thinking about jumping on top of the DVD rack but decided against it.

And, some Angie pics. She is still very active in the mornings and wants to almost sleep the afternoons away. She sure loves the Christmas lights, tree & fancy packages.
She sure can smile when she's happy.

Look at that smile. :D

Hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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The pics are wonderful, they all look so happy & Dozer & Laura have fit right into your happy family.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Deb, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Didi, Puff and Leo!
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