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hi everyone my name is mike and this is zeus

zeus is 9 inchs and born sept so about 5 months he was a girl at first and his name was zoey so i switched it to zeus he is a pretty intresting little buger idk how most of you get your crickets but when i go and get mine they get put in a plastic bag so i come home with them the other day and he is staring where i put them down and glass dancing so i dum them in the cricket cotainer and leave about ten in the bag so when i was shaking the bag for those 10 to come out he puffed up so i think is has a fright of plastic bags but idk for sure and it was pretty cute when he was running after the crickets all puffed up i should of took a video and also befor i start uploading pics of him i just thought i would say that today i let zeus and one of my cats tiger meet
it went prety well i held tiger well he was trying to smell zeus just in case it went good for about 5 mins

and then i tought it was gonna be tiger geting mad or trying to attack zeus but then i noticed zeus puffed up and opened his outh as wide as his little mouth can and thats when i just put him back lol i didnt want me or the cat to get bitten but overall it has been going good and i will show you guys some pics and keep you updated and yesterday i let zeus try a horn worm he loved it (that better of been worth 75 cents zeus :lol: ) and im so happy the reptisun 10.0 should be here on the 20th yay

and this is his viv 1st pic cool side 2nd pic hot side




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Sounds like he was slightly constipated. Happens to Rubio, too, sometimes it just plugs him up, even though I have him drink water all the time. So I wouldn't be too concerned, but I'd step up the baths to daily for awhile. If you have heating on, they can get more dehydrated between the heat in the house (which is very dry) and the basking lights. So I always give my boys daily baths in the winter-time and it helps a great deal. Yes, all 4 of them 20 min each. If you want to make sure he's cleaned out, try the pumpkin, or even unsweetened applesauce with a couple of drops of veggie oil added in. Sounds like he got everything out. And the seminal plugs can be the colours you described, too, Lonzo has them come out all the time. The hard things are urates, that have probably been sitting in his digestive tract for awhile. The green is probably older poops. If nothing stinks, then he doesn't have parasites.

You can also give him water from a syringe, sometimes that helps to hydrate him. That's one thing I hate about winter, is the dryness in the air from heating the house.

Hope that helps.


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Whew lol thank god it's nothing really really bad thx for your help deb very much appreciated I checked out your new crestie very cute sounds like your really enjoying her someone emailed me yesterday asking if I wanted his crestie 2yrs old and has a prolapsed hemipene I'm waiting for his reply for pics and to see if he comes with a tank so will keep u all updated and I will get some picks of Zeus


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a little lips shed
this is right now actually I guess he's been watching me to learn how to be human lol

I'm still waiting back on that guy about the crestie for picks and to see if he comes with the tank
So Cute!!!! :D I have a Beardie Named Severus I dont know really how old he is but i got him from PET SMART About a week ago. Ill write a forum About him and upload pics. :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:


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He sure is lol I guess he's allowed to do whatever lol I tried doing the veggie think by putting it in his lip he ate on piece and thats all I could get in them


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Hey everyone sorry for no updates recently but Zeus still is a bum and won't eat and veggies ugh he irritates me sometimes but nothing has really changed I realized his temps were only 98 and Zeus likes it a lot hotter he always has so I got a 50w halogen and his temps stay around 105-115 mainly aroun 112 and I know it's abit high but he dosent gap at all so I go with it and he stays under it for a few hours at a time not one gap but here's a few pics

Some just chilling pics
and my favorite chubby bellie pics


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Awww, great pics Mike. I wouldn't worry about the veggies. I have a friend who has a 13 yr old beardie who's never eated greens or a veggie in his long life, supers only! He may change his mind after awhile, so keep offering once a day anyway. He sure looks good & check out that belly!


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Ya I don't give Zeus superworms anymore he dosent like them and it made him go into kind of like a brumation and then I stopped giving him them and give him Crix and he started perking up againg now I just gotta figure out how to get rid of the strees marks


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They'll probably go away after he's sat under the great heat & basking, but sometimes they put on the stress marks to show that they want to come out, to let you know that he's not pleased to be in his tank, even if it's necessary or you're not home. Bet the stress marks go away when he's out, right? They learn how to control us at a very young age!
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