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hi everyone my name is mike and this is zeus

zeus is 9 inchs and born sept so about 5 months he was a girl at first and his name was zoey so i switched it to zeus he is a pretty intresting little buger idk how most of you get your crickets but when i go and get mine they get put in a plastic bag so i come home with them the other day and he is staring where i put them down and glass dancing so i dum them in the cricket cotainer and leave about ten in the bag so when i was shaking the bag for those 10 to come out he puffed up so i think is has a fright of plastic bags but idk for sure and it was pretty cute when he was running after the crickets all puffed up i should of took a video and also befor i start uploading pics of him i just thought i would say that today i let zeus and one of my cats tiger meet
it went prety well i held tiger well he was trying to smell zeus just in case it went good for about 5 mins

and then i tought it was gonna be tiger geting mad or trying to attack zeus but then i noticed zeus puffed up and opened his outh as wide as his little mouth can and thats when i just put him back lol i didnt want me or the cat to get bitten but overall it has been going good and i will show you guys some pics and keep you updated and yesterday i let zeus try a horn worm he loved it (that better of been worth 75 cents zeus :lol: ) and im so happy the reptisun 10.0 should be here on the 20th yay

and this is his viv 1st pic cool side 2nd pic hot side




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Haha thx but u should've seen him idk what hapenend but with tiger he opened his mouth super wide and puffed out his beard and it actually kinda scared the cat


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See how cute and innocent he is, and he already has a small nip, you wouldnt want to risk that cuteness by housing him with another. Hes too sweet to let anything happen to him.


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I already explained to you I wouldn't do it and I would never house a male with anything until I'm gonna mate hey and has anyone seen how awesome moutain horn dragons look u guys should check it out oh and I forgot to say he goes crazy when music plays he loves it he runs around his viv like crazy


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well zeus his sheding his face head and beard his first time he did everything about 3 weeks ago and this week hes done his legs and now his face head and bear here are some pics


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Poor shedding boy! :silent: None of my dragons like to shed around their lips and mouth! I think that's the worst place, that and their bellies. Zeus is super cute and looks like he is going to have some crazy spikes along the back of his head. They sure seem to like sitting on our laptops, guess it is a nice warm place for them to chill. :D


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Yeah he's my handsome boy I'm the only one that likes reptiles in my house and isn't scared of bugs my brother wanted a leopard gecko but is scared of bugs so idk how he was fonna do that but I was kinda excited it would've became mine but my grandma said no :cry: but whatever I will keep u guys posted He loves posing for the iphone :D


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Yay Zeus reptisun 10.0 came in today I'm so excited and I got it set up now to so everything is perfect now exept I'm out of Crix and where I get them from is closed Mondays and Tuesday life sux


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well i was very lost this morning this is why si i took zeus out last night to cuddle he crawled off me and fell asleep like this
then i put him in his tank in the middle of the floor (dont have a pic then when i woke up he was sleeping like this
in his salad dish and on a rock pretty weird what a spot hey but here are a few more pics anyway
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