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hi everyone my name is mike and this is zeus

zeus is 9 inchs and born sept so about 5 months he was a girl at first and his name was zoey so i switched it to zeus he is a pretty intresting little buger idk how most of you get your crickets but when i go and get mine they get put in a plastic bag so i come home with them the other day and he is staring where i put them down and glass dancing so i dum them in the cricket cotainer and leave about ten in the bag so when i was shaking the bag for those 10 to come out he puffed up so i think is has a fright of plastic bags but idk for sure and it was pretty cute when he was running after the crickets all puffed up i should of took a video and also befor i start uploading pics of him i just thought i would say that today i let zeus and one of my cats tiger meet
it went prety well i held tiger well he was trying to smell zeus just in case it went good for about 5 mins

and then i tought it was gonna be tiger geting mad or trying to attack zeus but then i noticed zeus puffed up and opened his outh as wide as his little mouth can and thats when i just put him back lol i didnt want me or the cat to get bitten but overall it has been going good and i will show you guys some pics and keep you updated and yesterday i let zeus try a horn worm he loved it (that better of been worth 75 cents zeus :lol: ) and im so happy the reptisun 10.0 should be here on the 20th yay

and this is his viv 1st pic cool side 2nd pic hot side




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So here are some pics of the tank I got

And here's a funny picture of peach ( I will take more in an hour or two when they start getting more active)

An of course my handsome Zeus :)


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Wow, that's a nice crestie tank! So many places to hide, it's great! And what a funny pose, but they do that, too. Bunny likes to be upside down and she's had some funny poses, too. Zeus looks great, it will be great to get into spring, too, I can't wait!
Congrats again on your Peach, she's very pretty.


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Thx very much ya me and my buddy Justin he also just got a new one an he already has one next year will be breeding we are gonna try starting a reptile business type thing (mj reptiles) so that's gonna be awesome I plan on buying another female at the expo next September and a female dragon from capital dragons around the same time to do big plans coming up


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Hi! Zeus is so cute and so is peach! Jango don't like to eat his veggies much, he mostly eats them when I hold his dish up to him.. he's so spoiled. Hope Zues starts eating his for you.


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Hey everyone well peaches is pregnant and honestly I think it's from the lady I bought them from because she had them toghther and. Seperated after 4 days cause I actually wasn't supposed to breed tell next year so whatever I'm supper excited sorry for taking so long to update just been busy with sports and homework so ya will upload some pics in abit she should be laying any day I just found out 3 dys ago but these will be beautiful babys


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It's quite simple u just put the eggs in a deli cup with some super hatch as the incubation substrate put the eggs in after u soak the water and get rid of the excess water then u put the eggs in and u don't even need to use a incubator u can incubate them at room temp so then u put the container in a box and put them somewhere where the temp don't change that much keep the humidity around 60% and that's about it


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How long until the babies hatch? And do you keep them separate from Peaches, not sure if cresties eat their young? This is so exciting, I've seen baby cresties, they're all head and tail when they're born, so tiny!


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Ya I keep them separate actually I posted a vid of her laying on YouTube ill post a link later but I keep them separate I have one of those 3 drore containers that I'm gonna keep them in and she payed on the 21st so about 2-4 months so about april or may hopefully because it could take 60-120 days
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