When do spring time crazies go away?


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Could be a few weeks or month --- depends on the dragon -- just get him out every day or so 2 hrs to run -- this should do the trick ---
Exercise is good. The tank should be big enough for their exercise, at the same time, they should have a place set up where they can explore/be themselves.

IE is not just big enough to bask or to fit the lights...
Try brighter lights or more lighting. My guys is responding well.
4X2X2 is a good size.


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They all vary as to when their spring hormones drop. Some go for months while others calm down
in a few weeks, it really depends.
As suggested, letting him out of his tank for exercise is great for him to burn off some energy.



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Sir Henry of Scales
never, i say, NEVER!!!!! ok that's a little overdramatic, but i feel your pain. for sir henry, he is wavering between spring zoomies and winter laziness right now. i know it's coming though!!! it usually only takes him a month or so. your new mantra should be, "scrabble, scrabble, scrabble, flop"!


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