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As the title says, just curious about whether or not Leo’s still in brumation, dealing with rehab stress, or is ill. He’s retired to his hide about a day into his new enclosure and has been there ever since (until I moved him to his basking spot and took him out so he could eat. He’s not loosing any weight, as far as I’m concerned. Still standing around the early-mid 500s.

He seems extra grouchy recently as well, stomping his feet and putting up a fit with that beard of his. I guess it’s that time of year… is that just from mood swings, stress, or spring time behaviour? He isn’t showing any black beards, or head bobbing. He isn’t lethargic (although certainly lazy). Overall looks healthy to me. His UVB is a 14% that is about 21-22” above the substrate, and his basking bulb is 8” above the basking rock.

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Most beardies HATE change, he's probably grumpy that he's in the new habitat. It usually took Zen 3 to 4 days to relax with minor changes, bigger changes took him a week or two. My others are less bothered by it but it still takes them a couple days to get back to normal.

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