Toothless the "Day Fury"

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Alrighty. :) This thread is for me to tell my beardie's story and post all about his adorableness. Even though I just registered today, I shall start at the beginning. This thread should have alot of pictures- so be warned- you may not be able to take the pure ferocious cuteness.

The Beginning!
We bought Toothless from Repticon in Raleigh on May 5th. He came from the same breeding company that our first came from (Carolina Designer Dragons) because we know she is an amzing breeder! He was about 8 weeks old when we got him.

His parents are Prada x Etro from FairyTail Dragons. (not sure how CDD got some of their babies XD)
This is his dad, Etro. He is a Hypo Leatherback X English Belgium Hypo 18" long, 423 grams and still growing!! and This is his momma, Prada. She is 354 grams, 18 1/2" long and 100% Marketed Leucistic.

Now on to my little cutie. This is him in the salebin. He's the one facing us. We knew right away he was the one.

This is him on the way home. He was so friendly and curious- not a single stress mark!

This is his very first experience in his Viv. :3 He seemed to like it (He loves it now)

First bath (May 6th)

He's growing! (June 12th or so)

But still tiny. He's a snuggler when he isn't zooming!

Growing more

July 6th. :) It's been 2 months since I got him, and he has shot up in size! Went from 25g or so to 158g!

Today, I coddled him with loooooove. Here is a shot to show just how much he's grown.

Thats it for now, but more pics WILL come. :D I hope you all enjoy these! <3

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He'll be so glad you're home for awhile. I'm so glad you're doing well at school, 4.0 that is so cool :D So when you have a minute MORE PICS!

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Just wanted to wish you & Toothless and very happy 2013 and hope your holidays went really well. How is he handling you being at school?


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Happy 2013 to you too! Toothless is fine and healthy. :) Turns out half of his sluggishness problem is because he nneded a new bulb, so we ordered him one and he is quite energetic now. He is starting to slow down lengthwise and fatten up- he's growin up!

He doesn't eat as many crickets now, and he is munching through 1-2 bowls of greens a day. He loves squash. :lol:

Sadly it was too cold to take him outside, but we let him roam around the house a bunch.


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Picture spam. :) Midterms are over and I have a spare minute, so here are aaalll the pics I have amassed in the meantime.

I gave a presentation on him in speech class, and quite a few people came up ad inquired about beardies. I reffered them to you guys. :)
Not sure if anyone even watches this thread anymore, but if there is a lurker or two, here is Toothless. <3








Part 2 coming up.


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I love the pictures of your dragon. I honestly believe that they based toothless off of a bearded dragon. Lol

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He's Adorable! Some of the pics you have of him look like his coloring is yellow. The precious baby we lost the last Saturday in July was named Goldie Speedy Gonzales and she was 4.5 years old. When she had been in the sun and warmed up and happy she was golden yellow, really pretty. If you have the 2013 bearded dragon's calendar A she is on September's page. Did you get a dog collar for him? The last two pics look like he has a collar on.

You have midterms already?! At the college I work at we won't have midterms until the middle of March, for the 16 week classes. The 8 week classes are probably doing their midterms now. You have 8 week classes?

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It's so good to see Toothless and he's just as magnificent as always, loved the snuggle pic and the sexy legs and just every single picture. It's good to see that your family is taking great care of him while you're away. He must miss you so much! Thanks for keeping in touch, how could I not want to keep up to date on one of my favourite beardies! How old is he now? He sure has a really long tail and so fat, it's great, means he's well hydrated and fed. And i really loved the pic that showed off his creamy tummy!

So when are you done school for the summer? Do you come home until next fall, or does it continue. How are you enjoying your courses? You'll have to update when you have a minute. Good luck with exams!


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His collar is actually a charm bracelet they sold at my work. I wanted to get him a rhinestone T, but they were out.

He's gone from a bright orange to mainly dull oranges and yellows now, but he's just as sweet. :) I do have calender A (Toothless is on January) sorry to hear about Goldie. :(

My college is a quarter system, so we have 10 week classes. :) We started in early January, so yep! Midterms.

He is almost 11 months old- almost a year!! I come home May 31st for the summer. :) I simply adore my classes, even though keeping up my grades has been a challenge. I have 2 A's and a high B right now, but I intend to fix that ;D

I've been lurking everybody else's Beardie Tales, I just hadn't gotten to update mine. ;)

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Their colours change as they get older, too, some brighter, some not so bright. Rubio is a dull gold colour mostly, but when he's really warm or really comfy, he turns a bright yellow. Bet he'll be a brighter colour in the summer when he sees your more often. Sounds like you're doing well at your courses! Good luck with mid-terms.

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How's everything going? How did school go? From the last pictures Toothless is doing really well, but he must have missed you while you were at school!
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