Toothless the "Day Fury"

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Alrighty. :) This thread is for me to tell my beardie's story and post all about his adorableness. Even though I just registered today, I shall start at the beginning. This thread should have alot of pictures- so be warned- you may not be able to take the pure ferocious cuteness.

The Beginning!
We bought Toothless from Repticon in Raleigh on May 5th. He came from the same breeding company that our first came from (Carolina Designer Dragons) because we know she is an amzing breeder! He was about 8 weeks old when we got him.

His parents are Prada x Etro from FairyTail Dragons. (not sure how CDD got some of their babies XD)
This is his dad, Etro. He is a Hypo Leatherback X English Belgium Hypo 18" long, 423 grams and still growing!! and This is his momma, Prada. She is 354 grams, 18 1/2" long and 100% Marketed Leucistic.

Now on to my little cutie. This is him in the salebin. He's the one facing us. We knew right away he was the one.

This is him on the way home. He was so friendly and curious- not a single stress mark!

This is his very first experience in his Viv. :3 He seemed to like it (He loves it now)

First bath (May 6th)

He's growing! (June 12th or so)

But still tiny. He's a snuggler when he isn't zooming!

Growing more

July 6th. :) It's been 2 months since I got him, and he has shot up in size! Went from 25g or so to 158g!

Today, I coddled him with loooooove. Here is a shot to show just how much he's grown.

Thats it for now, but more pics WILL come. :D I hope you all enjoy these! <3


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Just updating everyone here that Toothless is alive and well. My schooling has kept me in Savannah for most of the year, and even now over the summer (I moved into housing that I pay year round for, so I may as well make the most of it).

I will try to pester the family to send a few pictures, but every time I ask I get a good report on his health. :)

I did get to baby sit a leo while I was at school, and it felt nice to take care of a reptile again. I sneakily fixed her husbandry while her owner was away (they were using a stick on thermometer??)

The same guy just got a Uromastix, so I am also trying to make sure that they set things up right.

I'm not lonely in the apartment however! My roommate and I got a dog (it is going to be his emotional service animal). It's certainly not a beardie, but it'll do until I graduate and get some scalies of my own. :)


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Glad to hear that Toothless is doing well, I guess you'll be visiting over the summer?

Beautiful dog! Glad you & your roommate got him and that he gets to be his dog.

Can't wait to see more pics of Toothless. When do you graduate?


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sweetiepie9":2wtzdfbn said:
Glad to hear that Toothless is doing well, I guess you'll be visiting over the summer?

Beautiful dog! Glad you & your roommate got him and that he gets to be his dog.

Can't wait to see more pics of Toothless. When do you graduate?

I will be heading to NC for a couple days to visit, but I'll be in Savannah most of the time. That is around July, so i'll make sure to take a hoard of pictures to share with you all.

I graduate in May next year, so 2016. Just starting my senior year this fall.


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Going to slowly try relinking the pics from the beginning of the thread. Not sure why they broke, but I would like for anyone who wanted to read his story be able to :)

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If you were using Photobucket & changed some pictures into a different folder, they won't show up here anymore. I found that out the hard way, too, so put them back in the original & they all popped up again.

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It turned out great. That is so funny how he can't get his footing while hanging off his log :lol: Then giving up & jumping off. He sure looks wonderful and I can see the thought in is head "so now that I've given up on greens will I get bugs? Oh great, he read my mind" :mrgreen:


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While my own big boy may be at home, I've been making good use of my summer - babysitting practically every reptile in my apartment complex! ;)

Upon my list of small scaly friends, I introduce Raichu and Minerva!
The guy who owns Raichu, and one other herp, is sort of a sad case. He has a lot of mental and physical ailments, and so these two generally aren't the best researched or cared for. But the first time I watched them, I corrected a large part of their husbandry, and so even though things could be better, I feel a lot better about their health. To start.

-Raichu and Minerva both didn't have any temp gauges besides stick on fish ones.
-Temps were around 15 degrees under for Raichu, and over 40 degrees under for Minerva! (needed a basking area of 120)
-Minerva needed a basking rock to get closer to what heat she had.

The most recent case I am much happier to say was a very spoiled baby beardie boy, fresh out the egg at 5 weeks and well cared for! His set up was awesome and you could tell the guy really loved him! I think he was being slightly underfed (30 crix a day at 5 weeks) but maybe Toothless was just a pig.

Now for pics - since who doesn't love some herp pics?






Going home for a few days on monday, so I can finally get pics of the big boy for ya! :)

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Now you'll have a 2nd job as a reptile babysitter, glad you're making their lives better, too :D

Looking forward to pics of one of my favourite beardies :mrgreen:

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He looks great! Love his colours. Your family are taking great care of him, too. Did he snuggle lots with you on your visit? Give him a snuggle for me next time you're home :D
Thats so cool. I noticed the certificate and realized that hey we got our beardies from the same people. I still email the person in charge at Carolina's Crickets whenever I have a question about Arthur. But they do sell very amazing pets
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