Toothless the "Day Fury"

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Alrighty. :) This thread is for me to tell my beardie's story and post all about his adorableness. Even though I just registered today, I shall start at the beginning. This thread should have alot of pictures- so be warned- you may not be able to take the pure ferocious cuteness.

The Beginning!
We bought Toothless from Repticon in Raleigh on May 5th. He came from the same breeding company that our first came from (Carolina Designer Dragons) because we know she is an amzing breeder! He was about 8 weeks old when we got him.

His parents are Prada x Etro from FairyTail Dragons. (not sure how CDD got some of their babies XD)
This is his dad, Etro. He is a Hypo Leatherback X English Belgium Hypo 18" long, 423 grams and still growing!! and This is his momma, Prada. She is 354 grams, 18 1/2" long and 100% Marketed Leucistic.

Now on to my little cutie. This is him in the salebin. He's the one facing us. We knew right away he was the one.

This is him on the way home. He was so friendly and curious- not a single stress mark!

This is his very first experience in his Viv. :3 He seemed to like it (He loves it now)

First bath (May 6th)

He's growing! (June 12th or so)

But still tiny. He's a snuggler when he isn't zooming!

Growing more

July 6th. :) It's been 2 months since I got him, and he has shot up in size! Went from 25g or so to 158g!

Today, I coddled him with loooooove. Here is a shot to show just how much he's grown.

Thats it for now, but more pics WILL come. :D I hope you all enjoy these! <3

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BeardieMommy3991":2pnwunz1 said:
you may not be able to take the pure ferocious cuteness.
Ah, the cuteness is strong with this one... :mrgreen:
Toothless is a very handsome little guy. Can't wait to see more pics! :D


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Took Toothless outside today. :) He was scared at first, but quickly got used to being nice and warm.
My poor frightened baby

"hey! This feels purty good!"

He even bearded me!


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We were away for much of the day, and I could tell Toothless missed us- he was especially cuddly this afternoon. He ate 22 crix in the morning, and 14 more at 7 pm. He's getting to be so big! :) I swear he will shed his tail any day now, as he's been like this for a week or two! I want to make him a leash, so he doesn't have to be trapped in a small container when we go outside.

Anyway, here are some pics of him being sleepy, and then of Him and I.
So sleepy <3

Him and I bein cute :3


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beardie parents":s0f7262b said:
Aww, toothless has grown a lot. He's adorable! so yellow

I just love his coloring! Tons of oranges and yellows! He looks nothing like his parents, but maybe his grandparents....? Thank you for your kind words. :)


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BlueDragon09":20x6q70l said:
Oh man the orange and yellows...that is so gorgeous!
My boy don't look like that but I love him anyway <3

It's the inside that counts! You can have a colorful nasty dragon (luckily not me!) and have sweet, precious brown babies :3 They are all sweet in their own way.


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AWW! That is a pretty beardie! I love the pretty pattern on his head. We can all tell he is super loved. Nice pictures.


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I didn't get a chance to update yesterday, but I assure you he was significantly spoiled both days! He has been sunned, bathed, cuddled, and loved. :) I gave him a new t-shirt blankie, and I've found him lying on it several times. :) I also tried cutting his nails today, but he squirmed so much I only got a few done XD.

Here are some pics from yesterday and today's spoiling.
Yesterday (figured I'd start making collages to cut down on so many big pictures.)

and Today
some morning sexyleg.

and another collage


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Not much to update today. Took him out in the sun about 15 minutes before the little stinker pooped in his Sunning bin AGAIN! :roll: So of course, a bath followed, which he hated. I put him back in his viv, and when I wen't to check on him later, I actually saw him YAWN! Didn't even know they could do that, and it was so adorable! The rest of my day was busy, but he spent the rest of it on his t-shirt blanket. He really does love that thing- I can't see why!


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