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I live in Paoli, Wisconsin. I bet know body knows where that is. It is about 15 miles outside of Madison. I think the population is at about 35.


I live about 30min. east of Omaha in Iowa xD

I don't currently own a beardie but I hope to get one, sooner than I thought too since I FINALLY found a job! :blob8:


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Anyone going to the reptile sale in Des Moines in Nov??? Hope I don't come back with anything. :lol:


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I'm going to school in FDL-Moraine Pk, Vet tech courses. I wanna/gonna be the best beardie owner EVER!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


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i'm in brooklyn park, mn!

just got a 2-3 month old beardie, she's adorable!

does anyone know of a good vet, for beardies/reptiles in the twin city areas?

any info would help and be awesome! thank you!


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Yea is anyone knows a god reptile/ beardie vet in the cities post it up. Since i have more adult pairs ive been looking for one so i can get em checked out every season. Im also located in the cities. You can check out my website and see my collection. Still taking pics everyday as my collection is somewhat large. Most my beardies are furture breeders i currently only have a few adult pairs. So if any needs a midwest breeder for beardies, leo, or retics hit me up:) Im currently adding stuff to my site on the daily.


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ok everyone, went to the MN herpetological society's website, and they have a whole listing of vets that have reptile experience! here's the link:

i can't believe i didnt think to goto that site in the first place :)

i hope this helps some people in the twin cities mn area! i'm going to call them first to make sure though!

:blob5: :blob8: :blob5:
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