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GoFast":db003 said:
ronni1221":db003 said:
Sam, I know where that is! My uncle lives in Waupun, if you even know where that is. haha. About an hour southwest of you, I think.

I'm from Chicago, southwest side. Anyone going to the Animal Expo in Wheaton, IL this weekend? I am!

I might go up there. I got a big rock last time for Elliott. I want to see if there are any decent food deals there.

Well if you decide to go, let me know. Maybe we could say hello. I'm going with my brother and his girlfriend. I'm really worried that I'm going to end up coming home with another animal..... :lol:


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I think I am in. I got Elliott's new cage done last night and this morning so I am pretty sure I am free as of now.


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I used to live in MN... does that count? lol. Twin cities suburb. And I have a cabin near Danburry WI.


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I used to live in Staples/Motley, off 10/210. I now live in Savannah, Ga. But I still have kin outside of the Twins ! :D
nw suburbs of the twin cities. Just had my custom 85 gallon beardie cage built and a rack on the way. Pretty stuck on getting an adult pair at the moment, kristy :D
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