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Cawley was a breeder many years ago, people that had his bloodline would call it a Cawley red for instance.
ETA pic. From Dachiu dragons, they used Cawley reds in some of their bloodlines . Added another pic from Morph market.

Another one, very red.

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I'm to understand that it's just a shade of red, which is actually just a feature. A feature of deeper color saturation. I mainly work with reds, so I'm curious about it, because I've been seeing these notes recently in Europe.

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Cawley was the name of a breeder who produced a sought after line of red bearded dragons. So when someone sold a " Cawley red " , they were referring to a bloodline produced by that breeder. So yes, a shade of red but with a name of that breeder .

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No. It's just a name a breeder gave to their specific reds. The same as Fire and Ice dragons started selling Fire reds and "Ice" hypos.

These terms are descriptors of their traits, not any actual morph (genetic mutation such as hypo, dunner, zero, etc.)

A Cawley Red is simply a red dragon (of any morph) that was produced by Cawley.

It would be no different than if me and AHBD started producing stunning yellows and decided to start selling them as Sunflower Yellow beardies. It's a marketing term. The reason Cawley became so popular and semi-synonymous with red dragons is because they were producing a higher quality red than many others were at the time.

what's the difference between regular red and Crawley red
The short of it is, nothing.


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