Morph question!? Is my boy a Dunner?

MORPH question!

I know it’s often times hard to tell what morph a dragon is without knowing history/genetics. But does my boy look like a Dunner? According to everything I’ve read his beard scales and tail patterns are leading me towards him being a Hypo Dunner.

-I got him from a local pet store (NOT pets plus/petco) they told me he’s a Red Hypo Trans. I know for a fact he’s hypo (clear nails) but I don’t believe he’s a trans. I got him at approx 4 months old. (He’s about 5 1/2 months now). My question is, does he look like a Dunner?

*added a picture of the enclosure he was in and the container he was in when I got him and what the labeling on it was


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He isn't a red, (he's obviously orange lol) as for trans, not all trans have the solid eyes, so it's hard to say from the pics. As for Dunner, see the broken stripping on the tail? That is a characteristic of Dunners 🙂 so is the disarrayed scales, and he should have clod hooper feet 😃. At a minimum he is a hypo, Dunner. Very pretty dragon to.

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