1. Wanhedamous

    Genetics & Zero Genetics

    Hello everyone! (I think this was the best to place to post this) I have been trying to find detailed information of the Zero morph / genetics and how they were originated. Where would be the best place to find this information? I am wanting to find further information aside from the basic...
  2. O


    My family adopted this 6 year old bearded dragon last month. His name is Blitz. He's our first beardie. He was at our local reptile shop for over a year after another reptile shop closed down. We decided to adopt him after seeing him multiple times being held by customers but never taken...
  3. S

    I need some help identifying her morphs

    I figured she's at least a citrus, but that's all I know She has a mixture of stripes, spots, and diluted blue bars When we first got her she was white with vibrant red orange stripes
  4. K.E.W.T

    Hello! What colour is my beardie!

    Hello! I’m new here and this is my first bearded dragon! I have already been on the site and have done research for lights, temps everything! My question is what colour is my baby?? the store had them labeled as “fancy” bearded dragon so it doesn’t really tell me what colour they would be! Lol...
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