Angie, Loki, Laura & Dozer (new pics 03/29/15)

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I wanted to introduce everyone to our new girl. She is on her way now from Denver, CO. Here's the tracking # if anyone wants to follow her flight: We have chosen the name Angeline (Angie for short) which means "messenger of God." I will post some new pictures tomorrow but these are the ones we have so far. She is part leatherback.

Here she is when Laszlo brought her home from the pet store on Feb 17th, 2012.


Here she is eating a small dubia roach.





Drache613 Sicko
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Hello Diane,

Great pictures of Laura & Dozer! :D
I haven't tried the photo program here yet, but it looks easy!
It looks like they are doing wonderful. She was a naughty dragon, hiding under the tree skirt. LOL


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Thanks for checking in Tracie. :wink: Yes, the photo program is amazing & so easy.

They are all doing well except for them being tired. I miss all the running around they used to do, especially Angie as she was such a hyper beardie. Hopefully spring will get here before too much longer so they will all be nice & active again. Yes, Angie got caught snuggling down under the tree skirt.

Goonie":2ecskh3f said:
Laura is getting boobs?! Oh my goodness! :lol:
Yes Gina, she has developed beardie boobs. :mrgreen:
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