Angie, Loki, Laura & Dozer (new pics 03/29/15)

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I wanted to introduce everyone to our new girl. She is on her way now from Denver, CO. Here's the tracking # if anyone wants to follow her flight: We have chosen the name Angeline (Angie for short) which means "messenger of God." I will post some new pictures tomorrow but these are the ones we have so far. She is part leatherback.

Here she is when Laszlo brought her home from the pet store on Feb 17th, 2012.


Here she is eating a small dubia roach.





diamc Sicko
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Looks like I haven't posted on this thread in over a month, wow!

Thought I would start out with a few funny pics of Angie, she's always up for something different. :lol: As you can tell by looking at the table, we had just finished lunch.Will post more later.





diamc Sicko
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She has always loved boxes so when it was emptied, Paul showed her the inside and she went right in and stayed in there scratching with her back feet for a while. :mrgreen:

She's not too happy right now, doing almost a full body shed. Took some pics of it today. Her nose looks like Bozo the clown. :roll:

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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Poor Angie, she's got company, Gabriel has been shedding parts for 2 weeks now, looks like the top of his head is next. Cierra did a full body shed, but not her arms or legs or head a couple of weeks ago. She just exploded!

BlueDragon09 Addict
Hey Diane! You been gone so long! My boy already hit 5 month old mark of his life. He's really 23 weeks.

Angie enjoying mallomars LOL!
I hope they were good. I'm just playing.

I love mallomars but now I can't...I get sick
from them.

Ah the shedding part such a wonderful time for us and terrible time for them. Well I like that my dragon sheds
he turns into a lot of colors can't wait to see what he ends up with at 2 yrs.

diamc Sicko
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Poor Gabriel too. Our adults would sure like shedding as fast as the younger ones do. Lucky Cierra. :D

Hi Kami. We enjoyed the Mallomars but Angie enjoyed the box, so made use of all of it. :mrgreen:

Wow, hard to believe your guy is 5 mo old already, that time sure went fast. You're right, when they're young it sure is a great sign when they shed. Bet he will get brighter after every shed. 8)

diamc Sicko
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Angie's shedding pictures taken today. So unlike her to not be smiling in her pictures.

She is miserable. Our poor unhappy girl. :( Her whole belly, chest & beard is tight too.



You can see how heavy it is on her nose here.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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:lol: Maru is a funny cat. Angie looks funny in her box, too. I'm sorry she's going through such a big shed, poor sweet girl, must be so itchy. She'll be so glad to get that all off, hopefully soon.

I'm hoping you'll start getting spring weather soon, can't be far off, Easter is next weekend. Even though the flowers didn't last, glad you got some spring in your house, if you couldn't get it outside. I know it's been an awful winter for you this year, think it was even worse than last year! I'm just glad my parents moved here so I could, too.

CooperDragon Sicko
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There aren't many things better than a box of Mallomars. A happy dragon in a box of Mallomars is one of those things =)

diamc Sicko
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Seeing Angie inside the box reminded me of the famous internet cat, Maru.
I had never seen Maru in action before. So funny. He wanted to say "get this girdle off of me" lol. Thanks for sharing that.

Yes Deb, Angie will be very glad to get the shed off. I rubbed noses with her tonight and hers was SO rough, hopefully that area is starting to lift. Will give her a long bath tomorrow am, maybe that will help.

Yes, Easter on Sunday, hard to believe with the way it looks outside. In fact, it was snowing this am. The blooming flowers did help. It is great that your parents are in the same area that you are. :)
CooperDragon":3ez24llv said:
There aren't many things better than a box of Mallomars. A happy dragon in a box of Mallomars is one of those things =)

diamc Sicko
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I didn't get a chance to post the rest of the pics last night.

I took several of Loki but he thinks the flash is evil and his eyes look terrified. So, here's the 3 that made him look less scared.










Here's a picture of her in her new bed.

Angie after she woke up from her afternoon nap.


One afternoon, I knew I had put Dozer (our Russian tortoise) back in his viv but couldn't find him. I checked to see if he was under the bark mixture but their was no lump of shell anywhere. One place I hadn't looked.
So, I lifted up the frog and saw this.
That's his favorite place to bunker down now. :D

And, him snuggling with Josh.

diamc Sicko
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Thanks Lori. We are really enjoying him, never thought he would like a stuffed frog or cuddles. :mrgreen:

Goonie Sicko
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Loki still thinks the flash is evil? Poor baby.

I had forgotten how vibrant Laura's colors are. Oh my goodness, I almost need sunglasses to look at her photos. She looks so comfy in her bed.

Angie looked so cute in her new hide/bed.
Awww, Dozer likes to hide underneath his froggy! And he's a snuggler :love5:
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