tail rot

  1. B

    Possible tail rot?

    Hello! Meet my baby goosh Bert, shes 4 (almost) very active and otherwise very healthy. A month ago she needed to be spayed :(, they pointed out afterwards that she may need surgery on her tail (which took me by surprise as her tail has had this kink for about a yearish) they said it could...
  2. zonkey

    Tail rot or just stuck shed?

    Forgive me for how many posts I make on here guys lol I just am so cautious about everything and want to do the best possible things for my beardie. anyways, quick backstory. She’s maybe 3-4yrs old according to the vet. Has MBD. Missing 4 toes. Was found in a Petco dumpster. So that’s why she...
  3. C

    My Beardie Swallowed A Tiny Amount of Betadine Solution

    I just got my juvenile Bearded Dragon a few days ago and he had some tail rot. I consulted a vet and they told me to go with the Betadine solution. I did about ten drops of 10% Betadine and poured about 16 ounces of water into a small container to soak his tail in. This was the second time I've...
  4. J

    Stuck shed. Tail Rot?

    My bearded dragon is almost 2yrs and has been shedding his tail for a few weeks now. I haven’t seen any progress in the end of his tail the last week or two and I’m concerned now. Today when getting him out for his bath I noticed the end of his tail felt a little stiff and he did not seem to...
  5. C

    Strange Behavior and Dark Tail

    Hi all, In the past two months, my dragon (Khonshu), who is just over a year old, has definitely had some behavioral changes. He has been hiding in his cave a bit more since the spring, but as of a month or so ago he completely avoids basking almost entirely. The second his lights comes on, he...
  6. T

    Tail nip or something worse?

    Is this tail nip or something worse? He is younger 2-6 months old. To me it seems like tail nip but I'm not sure, any help would be appreciated. Also the dark at the bottom is just shadow.
  7. ashtnren

    Tail Rot or Shedding

    Got this guy from a pet store a few weeks ago. He’s about 6months old and is eating/pooping regularly. His tail is a little concerning. Is this normal shedding or could it be Tail Rot? Newbie to Beardie world and looking for any advice. Thanks!
  8. T

    tail rot?

    hey guys, I noticed my bearded dragon's tail has gotten dark pretty quickly, but i didn't think there was anything at the tip of his tail indicating a dead tail, was just wondering if someone would be able to help. He has been eating the same and isn't lethargic. the nearest vet is a while...
  9. R

    Is this tail rot?

    Just noticed a black brittle tail end, which I have seen before that has gone away this time the very end broke off and she didn’t have pain when I was touching it. Makes me think it’s the very early beginning of tail rot. I realized my UVB light might be old and I had a friend take care of her...
  10. A

    Tail Rot?

    Hello, I am taking care of my friend's bearded dragon. Almost two weeks ago she noticed what looked like tail rot and she started a treatment of betadine that's diluted in water along with Neosporin without pain relief. Her tail is a darker color still and I'm worried that it's getting worse...
  11. P

    White tail?

    My beardies tails has always been a different color than his body. Is that normal? Also it’s extra different than normal right now. Is it because of stuck old shed or is it new shed. I new to the lifestyle and trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Thanks in advance!
  12. A

    New beardie, sick??

    Hello everyone! I just brought home this beardie a few days ago and am worried about the weird bumps and his discolored tail....is this normal? Any ideas?
  13. T

    Tail rot???

    My beardie is only a couple months old so he’s still developing his colour and I’m not sure if his tail is beginning to rot or it’s just the colour. A photo is attatched. There’s no stuck shed, I make sure everytime.
  14. LokitheBeardedDragon

    Tail Rot??

    I can't tell whether this is tail rot or not. His tail has been limp for the past couple of days. Please help!!
  15. B

    I was wondering is this tail is rot?

  16. jdragonwings

    Possible tail rot

    So we’ve had Pepper about 2.5 months. I’m noticing a spot on her tail that might be tail rot. I’m currently bathing her 2x/week. I know she had retained shed so we were doing it 3x/week and soaking her tail in betadine just to be safe. I stopped that maybe one month ago?It was looking good but I...
  17. R

    Tail rot or bad shed?

    Hi there! So i’ve just recently got my baby beardie rango about 3 weeks ago and never noticed anything amiss with his appearance, however earlier today I noticed he had begun to shed on his back feet and shortly after saw his tail. I’m not sure if this is the start of tail rot or the result of a...
  18. C

    Tail amputation

    So I have a rescue 14 year old beardie that will for sure need tail amputation so it's not my question but I am waiting the vet appt and wanting to know.HOW MUCH IS THE AVERAGE COST OF AMPTUATION? WHAT WAS AFTERCARE AND TIME FRAME OF HEALING LIKE? ( I purely got this beardie to try and help with...
  19. C

    Broken tail or tail rot?

    hi, i'm not sure if this is the correct place for this but i need a second opinion. the other day my beardie ran off of my bed and fell onto the floor. i think she injured her tail and i had been keeping an eye on it for the last few days. it looked fine until today. the tip got darker and...
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