Tail rot or bad shed?


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Hi there! So i’ve just recently got my baby beardie rango about 3 weeks ago and never noticed anything amiss with his appearance, however earlier today I noticed he had begun to shed on his back feet and shortly after saw his tail. I’m not sure if this is the start of tail rot or the result of a piece of shed cutting off circulation to the tip of his tail? I’ve never had a beardie with tail rot before and the only pictures i can find are very extreme cases that don’t really compare to his. If this is tail rot are there at home remedies i can try on my little guy or should i seek out professional help from a vet?
Any advice or opinions would be so helpful!


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It appears that the end has gotten pinched somehow. Do you know of any way that the end
could have gotten pinched? Also tail tips are notorious for having trouble with retained shed,
which constricts blood flow & can cause indentations like that too.
You can get some raw unpasteurized honey or antibiotic ointment to put on the end, to help
moisturize it.


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